Second (L.H)

"I saw how smart she was. Her hand was up all the time and she was very quiet. But she was still dumb enough to not know when she was being used."

Luke Hemmings was the new boy in town who was still trying to keep up with drama, stereotypes, and cliques of his high school. He's got his fair share of friends and knows the basics. He may even know more than most about the towns people - except the towns reality show of a family the Kingstone's.

Emmanuelle Kingstone is different than other girls in her town. She is the know-it-all girl who sits straight with her hand ready to raise at a moments notice. She doesn't seem to care about getting the next best sports scholarship or what party is going on that weekend. Though she does still tend to crack under pressure.

Emmanuelle and Luke seems to be the only ones who don't know about a big piece of the towns history, the 'winter wonderland' of 2010. While Luke tried o keep up with this project and slove the puzzle that is Emmanuelle Kingstone he is in for a few surprises. But does this know-it-all know anything at all?

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8. Second 7


It was Thursday. Yesterday my mother had bombarded me with questions. And tomorrow she was expecting me to bring a friend home. A friend who was a girl.

I was going to use Michel's idea and ask Emmanuelle to work on the project and then have her stay for dinner. The only problem was Nela. She was over protective yesterday after Emmanuelle only said bye. If Nela was there when I asked Emmanuelle to come over my house, I think that glare really would kill me.

I sighed and walked into Ms. Kingsley's Class room a few minutes early. If I couldn't ask her after class I'd ask before.

I was hoping Emmanuelle would be here early because she was always here before me. Luckily I had been right. She was sitting in her desk and doodling in her notebook. There was still about five minutes of passing time till class started so even Ms. Kingsley wasn't here.

I took a deep breath and stopped in front of Emmanuelle's desk. She looked up and already had a smile on her face. I swear she always has a smile on her face.

"Hi, Luke. Why are you here so early?" She asked.

"I was um, actually looking to come talk to you." I said while rubbing the back of my neck.

God I must look like such a creep!

"I was wondering if you wanted to come over my house tomorrow after school and work on the project? I think that it might be easier if we do it together because we don't have any background knowledge and two brains are better than one, right? I could drive you home after too if you'd like. You could even stay for dinner. My mom loves meeting new people - she won't mind. My dad probably won't be home then anyways so..." I trailed off. God, I was rambling. She'll probably say no now and I won't be able to bring anyone home and then my mom will be so disappointed.

But of course this was Emmanuelle Kingstonez. And everything about Emmanuelle Kingstone was a surprise. So she just smiled wider.

Doesn't her face start to cramp?!

"I would love to go and work on the project tomorrow. I haven't really been thinking too much about it. Also there isn't any internet connection at my house so research is always a bit hard."

"Great!" I said relieved that she said yes. "I walk home so I'll meet you at the back door?"

She nodded, still smiling and went back to her doodling. I walked over to my desk and took out my stuff.

I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders - and not the bag I had just put down. If Emmanuelle had said no I would have been screwed.

Kids started to come into class now and the bell would ring any second. I was already zoned out though. I guess I didn't really care about anything else that day except if Emmanuelle would say yes.

Eventually Ms. Kingsley walked in and started talking about something boring that I honestly didn't listen to a word of. Class went by slow but lunch still came at 12:15.

I said bye to Emmanuelle on the way out and walked to down the hall to the cafeteria. I sat down next to Michel and pated him on the back.

"You are a life saver. Emmanuelle will be coming over to do the project and then stay for dinner."

Michel laughed. "Have fun with that. It may have gotten you off the hook but that is going to be awkward."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I just think she's a bit off you know. She always hangs out with Nela but Kate hates her. Also she is almost always smiling. It's just weird. She's just weird."

I chuckled and shrugged - not because I agreed with him but because I didn't know what else to say. Sure I could see where he was coming from but I didn't think she was really weird. I think she just tried to be herself and not what every other girl in school was trying to be. It wasn't weird it was confidence. And sure she did smile a lot and sometimes it may come off as a bit odd - but what's wrong with being happy?

I shrugged it off though and went into a conversation with the boys about the soccer game last night. I think that when you're uncomfortable the best thing to do it change the subject.

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