Second (L.H)

"I saw how smart she was. Her hand was up all the time and she was very quiet. But she was still dumb enough to not know when she was being used."

Luke Hemmings was the new boy in town who was still trying to keep up with drama, stereotypes, and cliques of his high school. He's got his fair share of friends and knows the basics. He may even know more than most about the towns people - except the towns reality show of a family the Kingstone's.

Emmanuelle Kingstone is different than other girls in her town. She is the know-it-all girl who sits straight with her hand ready to raise at a moments notice. She doesn't seem to care about getting the next best sports scholarship or what party is going on that weekend. Though she does still tend to crack under pressure.

Emmanuelle and Luke seems to be the only ones who don't know about a big piece of the towns history, the 'winter wonderland' of 2010. While Luke tried o keep up with this project and slove the puzzle that is Emmanuelle Kingstone he is in for a few surprises. But does this know-it-all know anything at all?

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7. Second 6


My stomach grumbled from not having lunch. It was stupid, I know, but after getting back late I didn't want to wait in line by myself because that would look so weird.

I walked into the kitchen of my house. Like everything else it was dirty and run down.

There was a fridge in the corner that no matter how many times I tried to clean it always smelled bad. The freezer had frozen shut a few weeks ago and I still couldn't open it. Our toaster had a piece of bread in it so that it usually smoked when I made toast in the morning and could only toast one piece at a time now. The cabinets and table were both wooden and were getting a bit weak.

I opened the cabinets only to find a few stale chip bags and a jar of watery peanut butter.

"Mom!" I yelled hoping she could hear me from her room, which was where most of her time was spent. As usual she didn't rely.

I had a feeling she was depressed. She wasn't the same as when I had been a child - neither was my dad. I know it had to of been something I had done. I used to take charge and ask them but it would only anger them. Sometimes it'd even end with my mom in tears and my dad a furious mess. I'm not going to lie my parents have hit me before. I wouldn't say it was to the length of abusive but sometimes people need a slap to put them back in reality.

If I even knew what reality was.

I made my way to the stairs and slowly and quietly. I reached the landing on the tip of my toes freezing whenever the wooden floors would creek under me. I made my way the the dark wooden door and placed my hand on the cool doorknob. My parents never turned the heat on and when I did it they'd get angry.

I slowly opened the door to see my mom asleep in her bed. She must have stayed home from work again. Mr. Hemmings would not be happy about this. He was gracious enough to give my mom a job when he and his family first moved here but soon enough he would get sick of her lack of interest in the job. She was only a stocker at the local super market. There were plenty more but if she kept on showing up to work without brushing her teeth or hair -better yet not showing up at all- He was bond to get upset.

There were two bottles of beer on the bedside table. I sighed. This wasn't the first time. Alcohol was a pretty common escape for people with depression so this only backed up my assumptions. Again I could be calling attention but I was they were the parents and I was the daughter - not the other way around.

My shoulders slumped. I slowly took a step into her room and stretched to reach the bottles on the table. My fingers finally reached one bottle. The other bottle was a bit farther and I had to stand on the tips of my toes to reach it. I've never been the most gracious person so almost falling into the room was no surprise. I instantly froze as my mother groaned and turned over. I quickly grabbed the bottled and dashed from the room.

I walked back down the hall and into my room. There were only a few rooms throughout my house. We had three bedrooms. One was completely trashed and I never went in there.

Maybe that was my arts and crafts room as a kid? Or maybe it had been a guest room that had slowly turned into a hoarding/storage room. My father was in there after dinner. He wouldn't do much. Maybe move around a box? I'm not really sure. He would get up set when I tried to follow him in as a kid so now its second nature to stay away.

I didn't have a closet in my room, but there were some shelves on my left wall filled with books and photos of Nela and I as kids. My back wall had my wooden bed that had a few colorful quilts laid over it. On the right wall were all my drawers and my wardrobe. Other than that the walls were a subtle purple and there wasn't anything decorating them.

I laid my bag on the floor and not-so-gracefully jumped back onto my bed. Just as my eyes closed and when my pillow felt the softest - my heard my phone start to vibrate from my bag.

"Ugh," I groaned as I sat up and fumbled with the zippers of my bag. The screen showed Nela's name. "Hello?" I said hoping I didn't sound tired or annoyed - or both.

"Hey, Em. This is going to sound super random but what happened the other day when Luke followed you into the woods." She had said his name with clear distaste. Then she chuckled. "He sprinted across the field one he saw you. He was acting like some love sick puppy."

"He wanted me to get him out of detention." I said and laid back down onto my bed.

"God he's a weird one, isn't he?"

"I think he's still trying to figure out the rules of the school. It did only start a few months ago."

Nela sighed. "You are too nice to everyone, Em. It's okay to say someone is weird. There sure are some weird people around here."

I didn't say anything. It wasn't that I was trying to be nice. I really didn't think Jason was weird. He had been nice enough. Sure maybe he was a bit self centered when he came and asked for that favor. But that doesn't make him weird.

"Okay, I'm gonna go Em. See you tomorrow." Without a Goodbye from me she hung up.

Nela was usually someone who could talk on the phone for the longest time. Though she did ask some weird questions.

Why would she randomly call just to ask about Luke? I mean she doesn't like him - she's in love with Duke! Was it really that important? If it was, why wouldn't she ask me I'm lunch then?

Right now I did not care though. All I cared about was sleep that was calling my name.

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