Second (L.H)

"I saw how smart she was. Her hand was up all the time and she was very quiet. But she was still dumb enough to not know when she was being used."

Luke Hemmings was the new boy in town who was still trying to keep up with drama, stereotypes, and cliques of his high school. He's got his fair share of friends and knows the basics. He may even know more than most about the towns people - except the towns reality show of a family the Kingstone's.

Emmanuelle Kingstone is different than other girls in her town. She is the know-it-all girl who sits straight with her hand ready to raise at a moments notice. She doesn't seem to care about getting the next best sports scholarship or what party is going on that weekend. Though she does still tend to crack under pressure.

Emmanuelle and Luke seems to be the only ones who don't know about a big piece of the towns history, the 'winter wonderland' of 2010. While Luke tried o keep up with this project and slove the puzzle that is Emmanuelle Kingstone he is in for a few surprises. But does this know-it-all know anything at all?

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5. Second 4


I may hate writing but one thing I hate more is history. It just so happens Ms. Kingsley has it out to get me since I didn't show up to detention, so the class needs to write a historic fiction.

Luckily it would be due in about two months so Emmanuelle talking to her really did work to save my ass. Though that didn't stop the whole class from groaning about it.

"Oh shush!" Ms. Kingsley scolded. "I could make this 100 pages."

Exactly what I was saying.

"But not only do I not want to read almost 5000 pages of anmeture work, I also don't think there is enough time. So I don't want you to go researching Queen Elizabeth and the Tubors. I want you to write about the winter wonderland of 2010."

I heard a few kids take sharp breaths. I had never heard of the winter wonderland of 2010 but the rest of the kids seemed to.

"Is this really necessary?" A girl a few rows to my left said with a shaking lip and timid hand.

Her skin was whiter than snow instead of it's usual tan. She was one of Nela's girls with the strait hair and perfect attitude. Though looking at her now I wouldn't be surprised if she were about to faint in a few seconds. If anyone were to come in now they would've guessed that she had been told she would die in seven days in stead of that she had a new english assignment.

"Oh yes completely necessary. I've wanted to have my classes write something like this for a while but I had to think about timing an who would be ready for this kind of assignment. Now I know a lot of you do not want to be writing anything about this kind of subject. We all have our different opinions. Some think it is very intriguing. Others think it is a true nightmare. While all think that it is disgusting. But most of all none of us know the full truth." She looked at each one of us around the room. Her eyebrows raised as if asking if anyone thought she was wrong. "Which is why I want you to write from someone's point of vew while this is going on. That's all you have to do. I don't care who it is from. Your view. Fox's family's view. Maybe a neighbor. The mayor. Someone fictional! Anyone you want. Just remember to follow correct dates. Make sure everything is according to what we all know for sure. But still be creative and create a few things."

The class was silent. A few kids were looking at their desks or fiddling with their notebooks. Most were looking off into space not really sure how to respond. This seemed to be the right time for Emmanuelle to think that it was okay to break the silence.

"Umm Ms. Kingsley...?" She asked with raised brows. She continued after Ms. Kingsley nodded. "What exactly was the winter wonderland of 2010?"

It was like she had asked what a chair was. Everyone in the class looked at her as though she had ran over their dog an then asked why they were upset with her. The girl who had asked if they really had to do this grabbed her bag and quickly rushed out of the room saying that she couldn't be there any longer.

"Ms. Kingstone could you please stay after the bell? You too Luke?"

While the rest of the class left to join their friends in the cafeteria Emmanuelle and I waited at Ms. Kingsley's desk to hear more of her wrath.

"I understand that you are not as familiar with this topic as everyone else in this class but I expect no less of you. You are both great writers and there is so much time for this project. I want you to do more research. Ask around even. No one knows better than the people in this town. And I mean no one. Get to lunch" She flicked her head to the door an we quickly made our way into the hall.

Emmanuelle walked silently beside me. All other classes were already starting and the halls were deserted. I snuck a glance at her and wondered some more. She was so different than her friends. How would she end up with them? How did she not notice that they were so rude to her? She noticed me staring an we both looked away from one another and stood a little taller trying to play it off. After a few steps I looked again only to see her do the same.

Well this is awkward.

"Em!" Nela yelled from across the hall. She looked relieved walking up to her. "I was wondering where you were. You're still coming to lunch right?"

"Of course, Nela. Ms. Kingsley had to speak to us above a project we'll be doing."

"Oh really on what?" Nela smiled.

"I'm not really sure actually. Some winter wonder land thing? Do you know?"

Nela's face froze and her fingers started fiddling with one of her bracelets. "Umm no doesn't ring a bell. Hey, why are you asking me, aren't you supposed to be the smart one." She laughed and gave Emmanuelle a small shove.

"Bye Luke." Emmanuelle giggled as we entered the cafeteria.

"Yah." Nela said her face sobered and now slightly menacing. "Bye Luke." She waved her hand and her voice was cheerful but her eyes had a completely different story. Stay. Away.

What was her problem? She was friendly with me over the summer. We could even have been considered friends - besides the fact she barely gave me a wave in the halls.

I sat down next to Michel taking my sandwich from my bag.

"Hey how'd you end up with those two?" Michel said with a raise brow.

"Held back from class with her. Then Nela came back to get her." I took a bite from my sandwich thinking about Nela's glare and Emmanuelle's strange behavior.

Why did I need to back off? How come Nela looked so worried? Nela seemed so nice and comfortable with Emmanuelle in the hall, but now she was laughing with everyone but her. Why did Emmanuelle, a complete know it all, not know what that winter wonderland was?

"Hey, dude, quick question." I said tapping Michel's shoulder hoping he could answer. "When did Emmanuelle move to this town?"

"Move here? I don't think she's ever left this town much less lived in another. What made you think she was from a different town?"

Now I was even more confused. "Just .... You know she's a lot different than all the other girls. Like weird different." I said fumbling over my words trying to not sound like a stalker.

I tried not to let my confusion show. How was it possible that the know it all that had grow up in this town, but still had no idea what the wonder land was while everyone else was an expert?

I could feel eyes on the back of my neck. I know it was stupid to do but when you think someone is staring you have to know who. I looked across the cafeteria to see Emmanuelle starring my way. Except it wasn't at me. I looked around thinking she might be looking at someone behind me, but when I looked back she had the same look on her face.

I waved my hand up and down getting a weird stare from Michel but also snapping Emmanuelle back into reality. She blushed and her shoulders shook slightly with silent laughter. She looked down at her plate and once again Kate glared at me. What was with these girls and glares!

"Dude I don't know what you were just doing with Emmanuelle but trust me. Kate may try and be a pretty doll but she isn't a team captain because of it. She can do a lot more than glare at you."

I shook my head and took a bite of my sandwich but somehow I kept looking back at that table. I don't know if it was Emmanuelle being used, Kate's frequent glares, or Nela's weird hostile behavior, but something was defiantly not right.

Sorry I know I said Saturday but again I had my science fair. I got second place though! Lol isn't that ironic Thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed this is were the mystery in this story starts to pick up so yah! -Erinn❤️

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