I Was Found


3. Chapter 3

  “I didn't want either of you to find this out, but I guess I have no choice.”

As I say this they start to look concerned. Instead of persisting they just let it go.


A few days have past and I've been thinking about telling them my secret. My decision was final, so I went to look for them. Guess where I found both of them? In the club, sparing against each other. When I walked in they didn't notice me so I sat and watched to see who would win. Just as I thought James won, I began laughing for some strange reason. They suddenly turned and I'm trying to speak through my laughter, “I'm sorry... for laughing... but its just, Jake... do you even know taekwondo?”


He starts to laugh too, “No not really, we just like to spar for the hell of it!”


James joins in the laughter, “Well now, why don't me and you spar?”


I just stare and before I could answer Jake began falling to the ground, laughing. I wasn't sure about this. Should I really do this? “Are you really sure that you want to go against me?”


He doesn't pause, “Of course!”


“I don't think I like this idea, but okay.”


We began our match and I could hear Jake in the background screaming, “OH MY GOD!!! I've been waiting to see you two fight since we found out that Angel was a second degree!”


'Okay, I can't hurt him too badly.' As our match begins I notice that James only has one weak spot, and that's right at his feet. I begin with distracting him and before he knew it he was on the ground with a shocked look on his face. While I was helping James up I could hear not just Jake cheering, but the entire club. What are all the club members still doing here?!

In the crowed I could hear lots of, “WOW! Amazing! And where did she learn to do that?” I can't believe everyone just saw that match. That's just great now their gonna stare at me again!

For the past few weeks now the club members, James, and Jake all keep asking for a sparing match just because I beat James, the highest ranking belt that's a boy. So what if I beat a third degree. There are plenty of other people that rank higher than the both of us. And after we finished the match I got swooped away before I could tell James and Jake why I ran off the other night. I don't know when I'll get another chance to since I keep getting surrounded. I mean I get to spend time with them but after a while I get bombarded with a million sparring requests. Geez! Don't these boys have anything better to do than wanting to get their asses beat by a girl. Okay it's lunch time I think that I can tell them now.


“Okay you guys... do you remember when you wanted to know about why I wouldn't let James walk me 'all' the way home?”


They don't answer, but instead they just nod their heads in agreement. “Well I'm ready to tell you my reasoning.” They just stare blankly at me and I'm guessing their confused about why I want to tell them all of a sudden.


I notice James hesitate, “Why do you want to tell us all of a sudden?”


“Yeah”, agrees Jake.


“Well because I think that you deserve to know.”


“Does that mean you're finally accepting us as your friends?”Questions Jake.


I pause before giving my answer, “Maybe.”


I soon see an evil grin spread across Jake's face, while James just gives me a soft and kind smile. I think I actually accept them as my first true friends. Well, I don't speak, but I think they can tell that I'm happy by my smile. Now the hard part, “So... back to the subject. The truth why I didn't want you to walk me home was because I thought you would pity me just because... I'm an...”


James looks softly at me and smiles, “We won't pity you if you don't want us to okay.”


“Yeah, so don't worry we'll also stay your friends,” agreed Jake


I hesitate, “I thought you would pity me because I'm an... orphan.”


They both don't speak, instead they just look blankly at each other then back at me. I think they're pitying me now, even though they said they wouldn't.


James snapped out of his shock, “How... but why? Wait can you explain why?”


Jake finally snapped out too,“Yeah I would like to know too.”


“We're not trying to pry and you don't have to tell us if you don't want to!” James exclaimed.


I was glad they respected my wishes and cared about me. I guess I'll tell them what happened. I hope they don't worry too much about me. I feel really glad they're my friends and that they want to listen.


“When I was born my parents didn't want me so they gave me to my grandparents. And the reason my parents didn't want me was because they already had a child before who was 9 months old. My grandmother really wanted me, so grandpa agreed to keep me even though he didn't want to take care of a 'mistake'. Right after I had turned 5 some strange people killed them and they didn't find me because my grandparents hid me in the room below their bed. When I heard them leave I climbed out and found them dead. I didn't move from their sides and when the neighbors thought something was suspicious they came in and found me curled up in the corner of the room staring into empty space.” I flinch at the horrible memory which both boys could see.


“The neighbors called the police and they put me in an orphanage. After being put into the system I was adopted right away at the age of 8 to a nice man and woman who didn't have a child of their own, but as soon as they did I was put back in the system after getting 'returned'. After I was put back in I never got adopted again, so the orphanage is now my permanent home until I get adopted, but everyone knows that only the younger kids get adopted.”


I could see tears welling up in James and Jake's eyes. Now that I think about it I could feel something wet dripping onto my skin. I was crying, but why? I think that I'm crying because of the painful memories. I continued,“Don't cry. The only thing I want to know is why my parents didn't want me? If they had kept me I could be living with an older brother.”


After a few minutes Jake tried changing the subject, “Hey, why don't you both come over to my house today to have some fun friend time.”


James tried to go along with this, “Sure why not. Angel you're coming too and we're not gonna take no for an answer!”


I just laughed with a nod. I was grateful to have these boys as my friends they really lighten things up, and make my life fun. Since school was over me and James had to go to practice while Jake went to basketball. After we all finished we were headed to Jake's house when I got surrounded, again. While trying to shake the club off we ran, turned a corner, and hid in the nearest building which happened to be a cafe. Since we were waiting for the club to give up we all decided to get something sweet to eat. Jake got a chocolate parfait, James got a slice of a chocolate and caramel cake, and I got a strawberry and peach parfait. Enjoying our snacks we noticed the club had finally given up their search.


Jake told me before we left the cafe, “Don't freak out when you see my house okay?”


James interrupted before I could answer, “Trust us on this, almost everyone freaks out.”


I just go along with it and nod my head. On our way there they were talking about something I don't think I wanted to know. As we turn the corner I notice an enormous white mansion, with a silver fence, freshly mowed lawn, pool, tennis court, basketball court, and anything else you could imagine. I see Jake turn another corner with James. As I run to catch up to them I notice they just went into the mansion. No way this is Jake's home, “Oh My God.” that's all I could manage to get out of my mouth for now.


“Jake is this really your home?”


“Yes it is and that's why I told you not to freak out.”




“See. I told you to just trust us,” remarked James.


Before I could get another word out I heard Jake screaming, “MOM, DAD, LACY COME HERE PLEASE I'VE GOT SOMEONE I WOULD LIKE YOU TO MEET!” A couple seconds later I see a tall, broad man in a suit walk in followed by a beautiful lady with long, flowing brown hair, and an apron on come to greet us. There were only two I thought I heard I third name and soon enough I saw a small, dark haired, cheery little girl skip into the room.


Jake began introducing his family to me, “This is my mother Linda, my father John, and my little sister Lacy.”


As Jake began to introduce me I interrupted, “How do you do? My name is Angel Rose.”


At the announcement of my last name everyone, but me and Lacy understood what was going on. Jake began, “Angel is your last name really Rose?”


I was concerned, “Yes, why do you ask me that?”


“I ask because we never knew!”


“I thought you already knew!” I exclaimed.


At this sudden out burst the room went silent. Everyone except Lacy was starring at me. I have no idea why my last name is so important all of a sudden, but okay.


“So anyone want to explain why my last name is so important?”I sarcastically remarked.


Jake is silent for a moment, “We're all in shock because our last name is Rose.”


Wait, why does Jake and all his family have my last name? I know people all around the world might have someone share the same name as you, but for it to be a person in the same town and even more the same school. I don't understand what's happening. I'm so confused, “Jake what does having the same last name have to do with anything? I mean many people have the same name. My parents gave me that name before I was given to my grandparents, remember I told you this and why I live in the orphanage.” I notice Jake's parents glance at each other through the corner of their eyes. As I go over this through my head, and I just begin to laugh. Everyone just stares at me while I laugh for no apparent reason.


Jake blankly stares, “What's so funny?” Everyone just nods in unison to his question.


“Sorry, I was just thinking that my grandparents told me my mother's name was Linda and my father's was John too, but what are the odds. I never thought this would be the thing to make me laugh today, and I thought that would be the club making me laugh from all the chases & sparing requests.”


At this me, James, and Jake notice Linda and John turn fully to face each other. When we all notice they we're starring at each other they try to hide their horror with odd laughing. “Mom. Dad. Why are you acting so strange all of a sudden?”


They both hesitate, “Well we're curious... could you tell us the story you told to the boys? Please, Angel.”


“Okay, but I don't know what it has to do with the subject.”


We settle down in the living room and I tell my “life” story. Getting further into the story I begin to notice Linda and John glancing at each other the more I described it. At the end of the story me and James were rushed out of the house by Jake's parents. “James what just happened?”


He just shrugs, “No clue.”


I think, “So... what do you want do do now?”


James pauses, “Oh! I've got it! Wanna do karaoke or maybe the arcade?”


“Yeah, lets to karaoke!”


As we turn around we hear, “HEY WAIT UP!” When Jake finally reaches us he says, “Sorry about that.”


I smile, “It's okay we don't mind. We were just about to go to karaoke. Wanna join?”


“Yeah, why not. it'll be fun!”


When we get a room James and Jake begin with a song I had never heard before. During this I just sat their laughing until it was done because it was a really weird song. While I was choosing my song Jake said, “Since you laughed I get to laugh at the song you pick, okay?” I don't answer I just nod my head. I take the mic and the song If I Die Young began. As I started singing along the boys just sat their with blank stare on their faces. My song finishes.


“What are you two staring at? I thought you were gonna laugh at my song?”


Jake hesitates, “... where... what... uh...”


James soon comments, “Well we're not laughing because... well... you have a...”

“A what James? Jake? Anyone gonna answer me?”


In unison, “A beautiful voice.”


I laugh, “Is that the reason you both look like you just saw a ghost!!”, I couldn't help it I just kept laughing.


When our fun ends I noticed that Jake hadn't really had fun. He may have been able to fool James but no one can fool me. James left before I spoke to Jake, “Jake what did your parents say to you before you ran out to us?”


He looks scared, “they told me... I have a sister.”


“Well you already know that, it's Lacy.”


He shakes his head, “No I have another sister.”


I was confused, “What? Who? How come we didn't meet her? I thought it was only you and Lacy!”


“It was, until today... when... they met you.”


“Wait, so are you saying that your parents think I'm your sister?”


Jake nods his head with a sad and worried look.

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