I Was Found


2. Chapter 2

For the past few weeks after I met James and Jake it's like they've been stuck to me somehow. They talk to me all the time, eat lunch with me, and even hang out with me. People think they're crazy when they see them “talking to themselves.” I don't know why they would want to hang someone like me, but they do.

One day from out of nowhere these girls come up to me and say they need to have a little chat with me. And once again I got a big shock from someone noticing me. The presidents of the Jake and James fan club are at the head of the group. The head girls are Natalie Henderson and Claire Brooks, they came to talk to me about their “princes.” About 10 girls were crowding me into a corner talking really fast and asking me strange questions like, “Why were you talking to James?” or “Why were you walking home with them?”

I started to talk, “If you came to talk to me about Jake and James...”


Natalie interrupts me, “as a matter of fact we did.”


“We came to ask you to stop bothering Jake & James from now on. It's not a request it's an order from all the fan girls!”


Before she speaks again I say, “But why? Their my... friends.”


The girls look at one another, one-by-one and start laughing. I was wondering and Natalie noticed that too. When this happened I noticed an evil grin spread across her face, which gave me the shivers.


“Aw! You really don't know do you? Well their only being 'friends' with you because they pity you since you have no friends at all. Now do you get it? They don't really care about you, they only feel sorry for you.”


As these words were being spoken I thought really hard about this and I realized I was just a burden on they. I should just never bother them again. Natalie finishes her speech when she and the other girls notice that their “princes” were waving hello. As the girls run towards them I run off to the class room as fast as I can. As I was running off I tried not to think about what Natalie said to me, but every moment I was just... thinking about it. Why does this have to happen me? why couldn't my life gone on like normal?

Instead of going to class like before I decided to walk around the campus to think for awhile. While I was thinking I decided to go to the gardening club. I don't know why I decided to go there, but I kinda felt safe. In the gardening club I just walked around all the flowers till the final bell went off. When I heard the final bell ring I headed back to my classroom to grab my stuff. On the way there I noticed that the activities have already started.

When I opened the classroom door I found that James was waiting for me. Yet again I found myself in shock. He turned around and had a worried look on his face.


He began to speak, “Where were you? How come you weren't in class?”


I hesitate before answering, “I was just walking around the campus thinking about life.”


He looked at me questionably and I could tell that he was probably thinking, “Why would you need to think about life?” And I was right those were the exact words that came out of his mouth.


“Why were you waiting for me anyway don't you have to got to soccer, baseball, ken-do, taekwondo, and what ever else you're in?”


“Yeah, I do but, I was worried about you.”


“Oh. That's sweet thanks I feel a little better knowing that.”


“Good I'm glad. Do you want to come watch taekwondo practice today?”


“Sure why not.”


When got to the club room I saw two people fighting, but the person who won was a girl and that girl was... Natalie! As soon as I sat down she came up to me and said, “What are you doing here?”


“James invited me to watch.”


I could see that she was pissed. While she was talking I got distracted by James and what looked like the captain getting ready to fight. During the match I noticed that they were both evenly matched, but I could also tell the captain had less experience. I was surprised that James wasn't the captain instead. I snapped out of my daze when I heard Natalie challenge me to a beginners match.

Suddenly, I felt as if my heart was pulled straight out of my chest. I was a little stunned that she challenged me, but I said, “Yes.” James came by when I said yes and he was amazed that I wanted to challenge the best girl fighter in the taekwondo club. As I stepped onto the mats I could feel everyone starring at me. Before our match James came up to me and said, “Please don't do this she'll kill you!”


“I'll be okay, I can handle myself.”


He just starred at me, and I'm guessing he's thinking that I'm crazy. Our match begins, we bow, and start. She begins with a high kick, I dodge it then attack with a move to the side, and she blocks then tries to knock me off my feet. As she moves her feet I notice her blind spot, and make a move. I fake a blow to her stomach and she fell for it, so then I take advantage of her weakness and knock her to the ground as she tried to kick me again.

In that moment everyone in the room went silent. As I turned around to help Natalie up she tried to knock me down again. As soon as I noticed and was about to fall I just simply moved out of the way. At this everyone was wide eyed. I don't know why they would be shocked by my fighting skills. James comes up to me and just I don't know, but he just blankly stares at me along with everyone else.


Out of curiosity I ask everyone, “What's everyone starring at?”


James finally snaps out of his daze and says, “Where in the... how... what was that just now?”


“Oh, that. That was just my 11 years of taekwondo.”


Once again everyone is starring at me and I was starting to feel like an animal at the zoo. “What is everyone so surprised about? Have you never seen a girl kick butt?”Everyone just nods their heads in unison with a blank stare on their faces. I don't understand why people need to be shocked. “Why would you need to be so judgmental? I mean Natalie did it not to long ago.”


“Well what do you expect from us you just beat a first degree black belt! What are you a protege or something?”


I just laughed at him, “Well she can't beat a second degree she's only a first degree. Plus, I could tell that she's only been doing this for about three years. Compared to ten that's nothing.”


Again with the starring. “What is it with you people and the starring today?” Geez, I never thought that I would get stared at so much for being a second degree. I wonder why these boys and Natalie don't think I'm still invisible just because I know certain things?

The next day Jake came up to me with a surprised look on his face and I'm guessing James told him about the other day. These two follow me around everywhere now. The other day James was told by the taekwondo club to invite me to join them for their next competition.


“Will you just think about it they really want you to train with them, and to teach them higher level techniques.”


I really wanted to, but I was a little frightened. As I was looking for James I bumped into Jake on my way to the classroom. When we found James I told him that I'll help teach them. At this all of the members of the club jumped out screaming with excitement that I agreed to help train them. That very same day as I walked onto the mats I could tell that Natalie was pissed about me agreeing to teach. I went to talk to James before teaching since not everyone was here yet.


“James I'm a little nervous.”


“Don't worry you'll do fine. Just try not to think about it too much.”


“Okay, thanks for the advise.”


As I started teaching it got easier to have fun. As the class went on I could tell everyone was pleased with me being there which made me feel a little better. After practice was over I felt good about my decision to teach these guys, it makes me feel like I won't be invisible for the rest of my life. As soon as practice was over I decided to change back into my uniform, and when I came out I found James still practicing. I'm guessing he was waiting for me.


He turns towards me and says, “Ready to go home?


I was right, he was waiting for me. “Yes, I'm ready. You know you didn't have to wait for me you could have just gone home without me.”


He smiles, “Well I wouldn't want you to walk all alone at night.”


As James takes me home I realized that I've never told him and Jake the truth about my life situation, so I stop before he can get close enough to notice where I really live. He looks at me very confused and I tell him, “I can go on by myself from here, you should get home now. Bye!”


He pauses, “No, it's okay I don't have to go yet, so I can take you the rest of the way.”


I hesitate, “Actually I uh...”, before I finished I ran off making sure that he didn't follow me. As I ran off I could tell that I was going to get lots of questions from him. I might get questions from Jake too because James might tell him about it tonight.

As I got to school the next day James and Jake came running up to me like I was a common criminal and they were the cops catching me. In their grip I tried to escape their grasps, but no luck. I was getting dragged somewhere, and I'm guessing their going to question me. I was right. They both just looked at each other then at me.


James began, “So... why did you run away when I was trying to walk you all the way home yesterday?”


I'm nervous, “Well... because...,” before I could make an excuse I got interrupted.


“Don't even think about giving us excuses,” stated Jake.


I was thinking to myself 'crap' I had no choice but to tell them the truth. Before I started the story I was thinking 'their gonna pity me when I tell them I live in an orphanage.'

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