I Was Found


1. Chapter 1

My name is Angel Rose and I'm 13-years-old. I don't really get noticed so I'm pretty much invisible, don't have any friends, or know how to socialize. I don't really like to be alone, so I plan on making some friends this year. On my first day of school I got hit by a car while crossing a street near the school. I got hospitalized for about 3 months so I missed the first quarter of the year. By the time I got to school everyone had already formed their “cliques”, so I got stuck being all alone again.

Throughout the day in all my classes people kept siting on me because they didn't really notice me. The worst part was when I got hit in gym class with a dodge ball after someone dodged the ball that flew at them. When I got to the nurses office the nurse didn't even realize I was there either. The only other people that were in the infirmary were the most popular boys in school their names are James and Jake. Apparently, James got attacked by his in school fan club again, so his friend Jake brought him to the infirmary. Suddenly, I felt as if someone was staring at me. But then I hear James' voice which of course he was talking to Jake. I wondered why I would think he was talking to me.


“Who do you think that is James?” Jake questioned


“Who me?”


“Yeah who else?” remarked Jake.


Then I realized that they were actually speaking to me. I was so shocked that I ran out of the room. After I stopped running I asked myself,“How come everyone in the world never notices me, but all of a sudden the most popular boys in school do?”

The very next day I tried to avoid those boys all day, but it was so hard. They're both in my class! During lunch I went to my usual, quiet, lonely lunch spot. About 15 minutes into my lunch I could hear someone running up the stairs and I didn't care they wouldn't notice me anyway.

When the runner got up the stairs, and turned the corner, they tripped over

me. And when they fell I got kicked in the back of my head because Jake's fan girls didn't see me. When I came to I was in the infirmary. I sat up to find that both James and Jake were there at the bedside.

After I sat up abruptly James and Jake jumped out of their seats like they had just seen a ghost.


Jake had a sorry look on his face and started to speak softly, “Are you okay? Sorry about the fan girls.”

I didn't answer because I was still in shock from when I got noticed and kicked in the back of the head.


James looked curiously at me and asked, “Are we scarring you? You look a little shocked or frightened.”


A little shocked I answered, “No, you don't scare me.”


“Then why do you look so frightened of us?”


Hesitantly spoken I answered, “I'm just a little shocked that you both noticed me.”


They both stared at each other and started cracking up. I just stared curiously at them because they were laughing. When they finally finished I asked them, “What's so funny?”


“It's just that well, why would you think we wouldn't notice you?” both of them questioned.


“Well because... nobody ever realizes that I'm here. That's why.”


They both just stare curiously at me and I'm guessing that their questioning my thinking methods. Well I feel strange, I've never had this long a conversation with anyone. James and Jake walked me back to the classroom which made me feel a little awkward.

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