To Love a Killer|COMPLETED|

Jeff is a crazy teen, after what had happened he just wants to kill. When Jeff meets a girl, he cant stand but kill her, yet something is telling him not to. He has never felt that feelings, he always wants to kill. He thinks that girl, could be a problem.

All Copyrights reserved.


17. Chapter 16

-Angie's POV-

Ever since that day, Jeff and I have been hanging out more, and we have been talking more. Both of us don't really mind if we have feelings for each other. Our conversations are normal, they aren't really awkward ones. Sometimes Jeff goes insane and starts talking about killing and how he likes blood. Jeff still kills people at night, he hasn't stop.

I don't expect him to stop. How can he? he has been doing it all his life, it's like a bad habit. Everyone has bad habits, he just has a worse one. Worse than any of us. "Angie! Angie! open the door!" I hear someone scream. I went to the door and opened it. Jeff came in running. I closed the door quickly. I walked over to him."Jeff whats wrong?" I asked him, he was bloody and scared. I looked at his shirt. "I...well did what I do...the mother got mad...and...She stabbed me and called the police..." He said taking heavy breaths in between words. My eyes widen.

"Follow me." I walked to my backyard and climbed up a tree house I had since I was little.Jeff went first and he sat on a beanbag chair I had. I looked at him. "Stay here, I needto get some stuff I'll be back as soon as possible." I said heading down. I ran back to the house. Jeff was bleeding and his shirt was all soaked. I went to the bathroom. I grabbed a bottle of alchohol to disenfect the injury, I grabbed a big band to keep pressure on it, a cloth to clean around it and one of my dads shirt.

I ran down the stairs and out to the yard. I climbed up the treehouse quickly and sat near Jeff. "What's all that for?" He asked me. I looked at him. "To heal you." I said getting the Alchohol on the cloth. "Jeff, take your shirt off." I said looking at the cloth. He looked at me. Then he took off his shirt. He looked really strong. I smiled a little. Then I grabbed the cloth and went near him. "Don't scream okay...This might sting." I said looking at him. He nodded his head.

I got near his wound and put the cloth on it. He looked like he was going to scream but he didn't he was holding the pain in. I looked at him from time to time. "Jeff, you said the mom called the police?" I aksed him. He looked at me. "Y-yeah. She did." He said, then he grunt in pain a little. After a while I took the cloth off. I quickly grabbed the band and I told him to put it around his body a few times. He got stabbed on the side of his torso, near his waist. After he attached the band together. I gave him the shirt. "Here put this on." I said grabbing his bloody soaked shirt.

"What are you going to do with it?" He asked me. I looked at him. "Throw it away. I'll buy another one for you. You can't clean this much blood off of this." I told him. He looked at me and nodded. I was about to go down and I turned to him. "Can you get up?" I asked him. He nodded and came down the tree house with me. I went to the house and shut the doors and closed the curtains. I grabbed a plastic bag and put Jeff's sweater in there. I put it in my garbage can.

"Jeff where did you kill the kid?" I asked him when he sat on the couch. He looked at me. "Uhm...Mallory Road." He told me. I sighed in relief. That was 4 neighborhoods from here. The police won't come to this neighborhood. I sat on the couch near Jeff and I turned on the TV. Mission Impossible was on so I just left the tv on that channel. I got closer to Jeff and I cuddled up near him.

He put his arm aound me and put his head on mine. I leaned my head on his shoulder. I didn't feel weird doing it and he didn't feel weird either.

I think that I have fallen for a killer...

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