To Love a Killer|COMPLETED|

Jeff is a crazy teen, after what had happened he just wants to kill. When Jeff meets a girl, he cant stand but kill her, yet something is telling him not to. He has never felt that feelings, he always wants to kill. He thinks that girl, could be a problem.

All Copyrights reserved.


16. Chapter 15

-Jeff's POV-

It's been a few days since that day Angie and I said how we felt about each other. I haven't talked to her or seen her since.  Today I need to go talk to her and tell her, that she shouldn't feel that way. I walked to her house and knocked on her door. She came and opened it. "Jeff..." She said as she looked at me. I looked at her, she came closer and hugged me. At first I was surprised then I hugged her back. After the hug we went inside. She closed the door and came behind me. "Where were you?" She asked me.

I looked at her...I needed to tell her. "I had to think in things." I told her. She looked confused. "Look Angie. I need to tell you something..." I told her. She signaled to the living room. I sat on the floor leaning against the couch with my knees up. She sat next to me. "Look...You know that you. I was thinking and I came to conclusion, that you can't feel the same about me and I can't feel that way about you." I said. She looked at me, her eyes were watery. "What?" She asked me looking straight into my eyes.

"It's just...I don't want to kill you. So I think it's best if...if we didn't feel this way for each other." I told her. She looked at me then looked away. She said something under her breath but  couldn't hear her. She looked at me, then she came closer. She leaned her head on my shoulder. Then I heard her sniff. She was crying. I wanted to say something but nothing came out of my mouth. She hugged me by the side and just stayed in that position.

I looked at her. She was beautiful, and kind. I then realized what I did. I hurt her. Not physically but emotionally. "A-Angie. This is for the best, you know that." I said leaning my head on hers. She started talking. "I know...but you would never kill me. It's just your insane part telling you that. I believe that you never will." She said. I was shocked. She still...likes me? She's not afraid. I mean. I still like her too. Part of me doesn't want to. Part of me does. I looked at her. I thought for a moment. She was quiet.

She was still hugging me. She wasn't scared. She was sad. "What-What if we just continue how we are? Just forget what I said. I kind of do like you...a lot. But, I just don't want to hurt you..." I told her looking at her. She looked up at me. "'re not going to kill me. I know you won't." She said leaning her head on my shoulder again.

I just hugged her tighter and she came a little closer to me. She kissed me right below my eye. Then leaned on me again.

I do like her...

But I still doubt everything...

What if I kill her....

I would never forgive myself...

If I did that...


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