To Love a Killer|COMPLETED|

Jeff is a crazy teen, after what had happened he just wants to kill. When Jeff meets a girl, he cant stand but kill her, yet something is telling him not to. He has never felt that feelings, he always wants to kill. He thinks that girl, could be a problem.

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15. Chapter 14

-Jeff's POV-

I got up and grabbed my knife, I started laughing and laughing. 'This will be fun' I thought to myself while running to Angelina's house. I knew her back door was always open so I entered through there. I got in silently and I went under the dining table, I heard someone sobbing and crying. I looked to where the crying was coming from and I saw it was Angelina. She was near the door sitting, and hugging her knees, with her head hidden. She was crying. I could hear her say something, but I didn't understand them. I was gonna come out but I bumped into the chairs. She looked up and cleaned her tears. She looked up at me. I was afraid she was going to say something, but she didn't. She looked down and covered her eyes with her bangs. "If you're going to do it now. I deserve it." She said looking down.

 Is she really saying that? Does she really want me to kill her? She started crying again. I took my knife out looked at her. I wanted to do it,  and kill her but I couldn't. I went near her and sat in front of her. I touched her arm. "Angie...why are you crying?" She looked up at me not showing me her eyes. "Because...I- I hurt you. I didn't want to." She told me. I felt bad now. I wanted to kill her for no reason. She didn't mean to hurt me. I stayed silent. She started talking again. "Are you going to kill me now?" She asked me. I looked at my knife then at her. Should I? I don't want to. But should I? I looked at her. "No." I said to her. She seemed surprised. I leaned in a bit and moved her hair from her eyes. They were red, watery and puffy. She looked at me.

"You're not going to kill me? But I thought-" "No Angie...I'm not." I cut her off. She looked at me. She didn't seem happy. "But I deserved it." She said in a serious tone. "Angie...I- I can't kill you. You don't deserve it." I told her. She looked at me. "Yes I do!  I have nothing left! I lost everyone that means something to me! I almost die anyways so why can't I be killed! I hurt the only person the really meant a lot to me!" She said getting up and screaming. When she said the last thing she gasped. She had her back towards me. I was still on the floor sitting.

Then I realized what she said and what she meant. I got up She was silent. I think she felt embarrassed or maybe she was surprised. When I stood up, I touched her shoulder. "Angie?" I asked her so she would turn around. She breathed in then out. She turned around. Again she covered her eyes. I wonder why she does that, maybe because she's scared? "Yeah?" She asked, with a scratchy voice.

"What-What did you mean with the last thing?" I asked her, with my head down. I was nervous to ask her that. "Uh..I- nothing." She said sighing and walking to the couch she sat down. Still with her eyes covered. I went over to her. "Can I sit?" I asked her. She nodded. I sat next to her. There was an awkward silence. Angie, moved her bangs to the side of her face. She looked nervous or scared. I'm not sure. I looked at her fireplace. Then I felt her hugging me and she leaned her head on my shoulder. I looked at her and I was surprised. "Angie?" I said. I was surprised. "I'm sorry....I didn't mean to hurt you." She told me. So, she meant me when she said 'hurt someone that meant a lot to me'? I hugged her back. "'s fine." I told her.

She looked at me. "'s not. I know I hurt you a lot. I didn't want to. Liu was pressuring me and, he was pointing his knife to me and I, ugh. I don't know I just- I'm sorry." She said. I hugged her again. "Angie, I know. It's fine. I mean it." I told her. She let go. So did I. Then I thought in something. I didn't want to say it but it came out. "So, what Liu said. Is it true?" I asked her. She looked at me and covered her face again. I moved her hair and she was blushing. She looked at me. "Uh...I- I don't know. M-maybe." She said unsure. I looked at her, then I looked away. "Oh..." I said under my breathe.

Angie, looked at me. She looked like she was thinking in something. She stood up. "Yes." She said then ran up stairs. I laughed and followed her up stairs. She was in her room and she locked the door. "Angie open the door." I said knocking on it. "No!" She screamed. "Angie, why?" I asked her. She was quiet. "Because...I- I said what I said and now I'm scared, and nervous." She said. I thought about it for a while. "Don't feel that way, Angie." I told her. She was quiet.

"What...What if I said I feel the same?" I asked her. I heard her gasp. She unlocked the door and opened it. "Did you just say...that?" She asked me. I looked at her. "Yeah...I did." I told her. I bet I would've been blushing right now. She looked surprised at first then she calmed down. "But, Angie. I- I could hurt you, I don't want to. That's why I kept it a secret." I told her. She came near me and looked at me in the eyes. " won't hurt me. I know you won't." She told me. I looked at her. She was smiling at me. "Angie, what if I got insane near you, and hurt you...badly? like what I did a few days ago. To your shoulder?" I asked her. She looked down.

" won't. If you do, I'll just deal with it, all you can possibly do is just scratch me. Not kill me." She said looking up at me. I looked down. "But...what if I do." I asked her. She frowned. "Jeff, you won't." She told me. she hugged me. I had to bend down a little to hug her. I felt her face come closer to mine and she kissed a little below my eye. Since I technically didn't have cheeks. She blushed. Then she let go. "Thanks..." I said. She smiled.

Maybe, it won't be as bad...

But what if I kill her?

I can't do that...

I need to end this...


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