To Love a Killer|COMPLETED|

Jeff is a crazy teen, after what had happened he just wants to kill. When Jeff meets a girl, he cant stand but kill her, yet something is telling him not to. He has never felt that feelings, he always wants to kill. He thinks that girl, could be a problem.

All Copyrights reserved.


2. Chapter 1

-Jeff's POV-

"Go to sleep," I told the child as I laughed. I covered his mouth, pulled out my bloody knife, and started cutting slowly but deeply through his chest. Once I was done I moved to his mouth and saw his eyes. They were dying. He wanted to scream. I cut through his cheeks, making him a smile to stay permanently as blood came out of his mouth. It wasn't long before he would finally die.

Using the boy's blood I wrote on the wall, 'GO TO SLEEP!' Once I was done I opened the window to escape. I quickly jumped out and started to chuckle. My work was done. I saw the blood on my hands and chuckled even more. Once I was on the street, I ran and ran to the darkest part of the woods.

Once I was there, I laughed and laughed. All I thought about was my next target, who would it be? How would I make them suffer? What would I do to kill them slowly, deeply, painfully. When I got to a puddle of water I got on my knees and cleaned out all the blood on my hands. Once I was done I took my knife and cleaned it as well until I could see my beautiful face in it.


-Angelina's POV-

"News report. A little boy found dead in his room. Parents say that they were sleeping and that they heard nothing. The mother says that when she went to the bathroom she felt the breeze from the window in her child's room and that when she walked in her child was bleeding and dead. On the wall was a message written with the boy's blood. The message was 'GO TO SLEEP!"

I got scared and shut of the television. I looked at my parents.

"Angie, why'd you shut of the television." My mother asked me.

"No reason, it's late anyways. Goodnight," I told her while walking to my room. Once I got in I shut the window and locked it. I put everything away and went to my bed. Before I got in I went downstairs and locked the doors and windows. By then my mother was already asleep so no one asked me what I was doing.

Later that night when I got up from my bed I noticed it was dark. I got scared since I live near the woods. I've heard stories of where the killer stays in the woods.

I walked around downstairs before I went back up to my bedroom, got into my bed, and finally fell asleep. I tried not thinking about the news report and the child. I was slowly closing my eyes to sleep. Even though I was scared I needed my rest. As I fell asleep, all I thought about was that cold blooded killer, that had no mercy on the poor child.

"Go to sleep, my dear." I heard a demonic voice tell me. He took out a bloody knife. "I said go to sleep!" He yelled at me closing my mouth, I wanted to shout, but I couldn't. I saw the dark figure in front of me. His face was in the dark, all I could see was his bloody shirt, and dark dress pants. He pointed his knife towards me. Cutting my neck, slowly and painfully. I struggled in the pain. The figure looked at me in eyes, he laughed.

I realized that my struggling and pain caused him laughter. He kept cutting me, and killing me slowly. He grabbed my blood, and wrote "GO TO SLEEP!" on the wall, I took deep breathes, blood came out of my mouth, out of my neck. He opened my window and left the house, leaving me to die, slowly.

I shot awake and screamed in terror. I looked around.

"It was just a dream," I told myself over and over, hugging myself. I looked around. Nothing was written anywhere, no blood was anywhere.

"It was just a dream."

My mother came running in. "Angie, it was just a dream. Calm down," she said hugging me.

"It-it w-was so real." I told me mother.

I feared that, that nightmare with the dark figure would come again. I would stay traumatized by the dark demonic figure. The figure will always haunt me in dreams. I knew it.

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