To Love a Killer|COMPLETED|

Jeff is a crazy teen, after what had happened he just wants to kill. When Jeff meets a girl, he cant stand but kill her, yet something is telling him not to. He has never felt that feelings, he always wants to kill. He thinks that girl, could be a problem.

All Copyrights reserved.


19. Author's Note

Hey, guys. So chapter 17 was the last chapter of THIS book. I was thinking in making another book, but I'm not really sure, because I don't know who would read it, and I also have other stories too.

I have 5 other stories to work on.

Then I have a few coming out. So, if I get more votes for another story I'll make one.

if no one votes, then I won't.

But I hope you guys enjoyed this book!


-Lexi xoxo.

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