Challengen Writing. "I miss the days when we all were friends"

Challenge writing. A friend of mine wrote the first line, she told me to write on and open up for my heart. Speak out the truth....I wasn't certain if i wanted to accept the second rule, to publish this On Facebook or another site of mine. But now i did. Don't judge me please?

Write a thing with yourself in it. Start out with the text "I miss the days when we all were friends"
Publish it to a Social Media site (Movellas,Facebook, ect)


2. Friends Is.....

[At times, i do hate my friend for callenge me to write this, even so....I did it again. "Friends Is...." Is a challenge writing. Speak out the truth, be honest and if people feel offended by this, I am so sorry. The last thing i wanted to do, was actually to publish this. Even so, here goes nothing. ]

Friends is.....

What kind of thing is that actually?

If you go out in a public place, asking a random person what 'Friends' means for them. Most of them would answer just the same thing, no matter who you ask.

"Friends is a person you hold dear, someone you see daily or speak with very often"

Is that really true?

Firends isn't just people you see on a daily base, they aren't just people you 'need' to meet up with once and a while.

Friends can also be around the world, online, over the social media or any other place around the Internet.

Someone asked me...

"Who is your best friend?"

For me it's a rather hard question to answer, since i cannot tell the correct answer at all.

I have friends, a lot of them and why should i choose who is the best?

They all are there for me in different ways, some of them a bit more than others. (Of course not because i want to complain)

The point is, no matter what 'friends' are, no matter who you see or who you speak with. It's stupid to choose ' The Best Friend' because there aren't such thing.

It would be like choose between your children, who you want to give most love to. Should it really be like that?

Then....i got the question after the first.

"Well, if you need to choose one, who would be your best friend?"

I don't want to make any offend to any of my friends, really that's the last thing i ever wanted to.

But if i were to choose, right now, right this moment.

I would choose my friend over the internet.

Call me insane, call me mad, call me whatever you want. It won't change a thing.

Because the friend i had online, the one i wrote with "Every Single Day" The past four-five years. That person have been there for me on ways no one else have been.

That person have seen my exposed emotions that i didn't dare show out, just by writing them, just by saying i were crying in silence so no one could hear me.

That person was there for me, even in the darkest of times i had. No matter if i were crying for real or if i were having a moment after reading/write something sad.

Friends is....

Someone you can trust with your emotions, someone who doesn't question or judge you no matter how silly or how strong your emotions might be.

I know the person can't be there for me "In Person" even so....think about this.

When i read a text on a screen, letter or card. Whatever it might be. If i found it touching, it goes through my heart and stays there.

Point is...

I got friends all over the global, friends that i support and friends who i want to be there for. They support me back, they are there for me every single day.

I got friends in my daily life, friends that i speak with through Facebook, Skype, Phone.

I got visit by them, because they know i am not comfortable in the public that much.

Even so...

My friends who is there in person for me, they are the best too. I don't know where or what I would have been if they weren't my friends.

Would i change my life?

The answer is no. I wouldn't change my life for a billion.

I would never trade my friends for the world, they are to important for me.

My friends means the world to me, at least those i have by now. I would die for them, i will be there for them the way they have been there for me.

So the last thing i want to say...

Thank you.

For accepting a weird/nerdy/silly person like me.

Who knows, maybe you are the reason to that I am still sane? 

Now you can think over who that might be, because as i told above in the text. I don't take out who is my best friend, they all are, no matter what people think or say to me.

So Thank you.

Thank you for accepting me.

Thank you for being there for me.

And thank you for accepting who i am.

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