Telling someone that you love them is always the hardest. Especially if you're a highly functioning sociopath. Sherlock has the most difficult time trying to act normal around John. He even tries to admit to it. John is a different story though. He is living happily ever after with his wife, Mary, and their child, Angela. He had a hard time accepting his friend's affection. They were best friends, could they be anything more?


5. Who Am I? (John's POV)

Sherlock grabbed my hand once again and took me to the center of the square, by the fountain. Not only did we just stand there, but he was looking into my eyes with desperation. I felt my cheeks flush with a red color. He placed his hands gently on my waist and pulled me close.

“Just flow with it,”he told me as he put his hands around my face and pulled my lips into a kiss. I heard many gasps as I dropped my hands to my side. We pulled apart for air, but I knew that he did not want to stop. After we both took a few breaths, he pulled me back in for another passionate kiss. I abruptly stopped the loving to ask him why he kissed me.

“John, I simply knew that you would ask questions about it. That is why I did not tell you before we came.”He told me as I turned around to see who saw us kiss. I looked to see a puddle start to form on my coat collar. Tears started to fall down my cheeks as Sherlock grabbed my hand to get my attention. I turned until I saw the look on his face. A look saying that he regretted what he just did. My phone started to ring as I pulled it out of my pocket. I was receiving a call from an unknown number. I answered it.

“Hello, John. This is Mycroft speaking. I know what you two did. I know that it was forced upon you. I know that my brother has a way of expressing his emotions. I am sorry, but Mary already knows. She said that she knew that you would kiss him eventually. She already left, and she took the baby.” Mycroft said to me over the phone. This was a lot to soak in. Not only did I feel guilt for kissing Sherlock, but I felt terrible because my wife found out. I had no identity without my wife and daughter. I was wandering the park when the thought came across my mind.

Who. Am. I?

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