Telling someone that you love them is always the hardest. Especially if you're a highly functioning sociopath. Sherlock has the most difficult time trying to act normal around John. He even tries to admit to it. John is a different story though. He is living happily ever after with his wife, Mary, and their child, Angela. He had a hard time accepting his friend's affection. They were best friends, could they be anything more?


4. Trafalgar Square (Sherlock's POV)

I sat in John’s car patiently, waiting for him to start the engine. He had asked me why we needed to meet here when I told him to meet at Trafalgar Square.


“John, I decided to have us meet here so we could ride over together. I was hoping you would bring your car,” I answered as the car excelled forward. We got to Trafalgar Square in a short amount of time. I got out of the car and opened John’s door for him, hoping that the smallest gesture will get him to notice me in the way I notice him. He stepped out of the old, worn car and looked at me with a confused expression. I could not help but smile at my blogger. I guess I was right, I do love him. 

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