Telling someone that you love them is always the hardest. Especially if you're a highly functioning sociopath. Sherlock has the most difficult time trying to act normal around John. He even tries to admit to it. John is a different story though. He is living happily ever after with his wife, Mary, and their child, Angela. He had a hard time accepting his friend's affection. They were best friends, could they be anything more?


2. Scotland Yard (Sherlock's POV)

He arrived and met me at the destination of which I told him to. As he got out of the cab, he looked at me with a worried smile. I ran my fingers through my thick, black curls and headed my way to John. I had a secret that I needed to tell, but how would I tell him? I looked down at my blogger and grabbed his wrist without conscience. He looked up at me, confused, and we headed into Scotland Yard.

We wandered down hallways and through offices to find the office of my friend, Greg Lestrade. We eventually found it and barged in without warning.

"What are you doing in my office?" he asked as he looked down at our hands. Now, our grip was on each other's hands. I felt a tingling sensation ping up my arm. A smile started to form on my face as John slipped his hand out of mine. Lestrade asked if we were together, but I denied it. I wanted to admit my longing for John, but I didn't want to be rejected. Also, he was married and raising a beautiful, newborn daughter. I wouldn't want to take that from him.

Lestrade was chatting on about a case that I had no interest in."Not interested," I told him as I grabbed John's attention to exit the room. We headed down the hall in silence. John was just staring at the ground as I decided to speak.

"Do you wish to know why I refused to solve the case?" I asked John as we walked outside, into a bright light. He was, of course, wanting to know why."I rejected that case, because I had another case on mind. Meet me at Trafalgar Square at noon on Monday. If you're not there, then I will have to find you."                                                                                                                                                                                            

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