Expect the Unexpected

While in United Kingdom visiting family members, Cheyenne runs into the biggest shock of her life.... One Direction, is having the biggest concert in their hometown. But on the way to the concert they somehow stumble across Cheyenne's path. What do you think will happen when Cheyenne meets them for the first time?


1. United Kingdom

Everyone has their vacations, like going to the beach or the mountains or even to another state you have never seen before. My family's is the same every year... United Kingdom. I dread going there for yet another month or so with no friends around me, nor anyone interesting to talk to for that matter. We go visit my Aunt Carla and Uncle Mike, only because my dad is really close with his three brothers and one sister. The 10 hour flight felt like it would never end. The worst part was that the guy I had to sit next to threw up after eating the lunch we were all served, but to be completely honest the food tasted like crap so I couldn't really blame him. When we finally landed in London I felt severe jet lag and wanted to get to my Aunts and Uncles as fast as possible. When we got off the plane and entered the airport we found my Aunt and Uncle waiting for us by the baggage claim. My parents gave my Aunt and Uncle hugs and then they came to me... "Oh my gosh! Cheyenne, you are getting so big!" My Aunt squeals and gives me a hug. "Hey Cheyenne." My Uncle said in a calm voice and gave me a hug. After all the hugging and oh my gosh hows life, junk, we headed to the car, as soon as we got in the car I put my One Direction ear buds in and turned the volume to the max. To get to the house from the airport took as long as it took for me to play my favorite One Direction song four times. As we pulled into the drive I heard my Aunt say in a low tone voice "We're here." as if we didn't already know they lived here, we have been coming here for what.. only 7 years now? The house was still in its brick form with the faded white, wooden porch all surrounded by a white picket fence. The maple tree in the backyard, the one I used to climb when I was little, is still standing there tall, stout and ancient looking as if it has never been touched. Nothing has changed. I got out of the car and waited for someone to open the trunk so I could grab my stuff and just go inside. I got to the house as fast as I could, but of course I had to wait for my Uncle to unlock the door. As soon as he got the door open I rushed in and went straight to my upstairs room and unpacked. It was 1:34 in the afternoon and I had nothing to do so I decided to text my friend Elizabeth.                     

                                                                                                                                      Liz <3

Hey Liz, we just got to United Kingdom... another boring month for me... yaayyy -_-


Hey Chey, is it really boring there? I mean I would love to visit the UK because you know who is from there.... lol


Yes it is just that boring here... especially if you have been coming here for as long as I have been and yeah I know the One Direction boys are from here but they are always across on the other side of the world every time we visit :/


That must really suck....


It really does.... btw what are you doing up so late?? Time difference...


Lol I'm going to sleep right now thank you... lol goodnight girl


Lol goodnight Liz....



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