Expect the Unexpected

While in United Kingdom visiting family members, Cheyenne runs into the biggest shock of her life.... One Direction, is having the biggest concert in their hometown. But on the way to the concert they somehow stumble across Cheyenne's path. What do you think will happen when Cheyenne meets them for the first time?


2. How much longer?

I still had a somewhat half a day ahead of me... so I just sat there waiting for either my parents or Aunt and Uncle to come get me and at least take me somewhere. Hours passed until finally my Aunt came to the door and asked if I wanted to go to the mall. Thank God someone is taking me somewhere! "So do you have a boyfriend back home?" My Aunt asked eyeing me funny. I started to smile while looking out the window. "Nope I don't." "Oh come on Chey, you are 15 years old and will be 16 next month, there has to be someone." She was really pushing the thought. "Nope I promise.. I'm just in love with a boy band." I said while blushing just thinking about them. "Oh let me guess.. it's One Direction isn't it?" She asked in an annoying tone. "Yes! How did you know?" I was curious. "Two reasons, One because almost every girl in the world loves them, and two because when we were coming home from the airport you had your music up so loud I could hear what you were listening to." I was embarrassed after that, but was laughing. "Oh, well they are across the world right now and every year we visit they are never here." I said with disappointment in my voice. "Don't worry Chey, they will be here one day." That seriously didn't help me at all because I knew I would never get the chance to meet the boys. It was silent the rest of the drive, when we finally reached the mall. My Aunt parked about four yards away from the huge building with a even more bigger sign that read Fashion Plaza. I took a deep, short breath and got out of the car and walked slowly with my Aunt to the enormous building. We passed by several stores until I finally found one I was wanting to go into. It wasn't what I had expected considering United Kingdom was completely different from the United States. "I'm gonna go look somewhere else, text me if you need me." My Aunt said surprisingly. I nodded while keeping my focus on the clothes in front of me. I could see out of the corner of my eye that she had already left the store so I decided to go looking around some more. While walking around I stumbled across a huge crowd of girls who were screaming and pushing each other out of the way. I couldn't tell why or what they were screaming at because there was just too many of them. I stopped right behind the crowd and looked around, I didn't want to get too close, many of them were pushing each other. I stood there trying to figure out what was so interesting when all of a sudden I got pushed towards from behind by several screaming girls. I somehow found myself in the crowd being pushed and shoved all around the place like an uncontrollable wind that you just want to stop. I finally got to a spot where nobody was pushing, the girl that stood in front of me was about five foot seven, blonde, three inch heels and a huge purse which she carried in her right hand. As I was about to turn around the girl that was in front of me turned around and pushed me straight to the ground. I closed my eyes tight as I fell, when I slowly opened my eyes I saw a hand down in front of me. I looked straight up to see who was on the other end of the helpful hand. It was.... H-Him.

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