Expect the Unexpected

While in United Kingdom visiting family members, Cheyenne runs into the biggest shock of her life.... One Direction, is having the biggest concert in their hometown. But on the way to the concert they somehow stumble across Cheyenne's path. What do you think will happen when Cheyenne meets them for the first time?


3. Dream Come True

I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up off the cold, hard ground. "Hi." He said just loud enough so I could hear him over the screaming fans. I couldn't speak, I was frozen and couldn't breathe. Is this real? Is this a dream? "H-Hi!" I finally said, still with terror in my voice. "What's your name?" He asked in his cute accent. I couldn't think, I thought that I had literally forgot my name in that moment. But finally I could remember. "C-Cheyenne." Worst name ever is all I could think about from the moment it slipped out of my mouth. "Beautiful name." He replied with a cute smirk. Shortly after that, security had grabbed him and pushed him the rest of the way through the crowd of girls. As all the other girls followed him and the security guards I was standing where he had left me. Was that really.... Harry Styles? From One Direction!!?? Excitement and adrenaline were rushing through my veins, my heart felt like it would burst from all the nervousness and excitement. I couldn't take it anymore. I texted my aunt to tell her to meet me in the food court as soon as possible. I was trembling as I walked to meet my aunt. I finally reached the food court uncoordinatedly sat down in the closest seat I could find and immediately crossed my arms and laid my head down. "Can I get you something?" I rose my head up like a speeding bullet coming out of a gun. The voice came from a lady whom was about 5ft 2 had long blonde hair and was wearing a apron that had the food court's name on it "Cray-Z Foodz." I had to think for a second because I was still in total shock. "Just a water please." The small lady nodded her head and trotted back to the counter. I went back to freaking out. I just saw Harold Edward Styles! I JUST SAW HAROLD EDWARD STYLES! I couldn't cope with my own thoughts. I had my head down on the table when I heard a loud noise that sounded like a lot of bags. It scared me so I jolted my head up to see my aunt standing over me with what seemed like 50 bags on the table filled with clothes and shoes. "Are you ok? Are you hurt?" I could tell that I scared her by the text message. "I'm not hurt but i'm shaking and needed to sit down." I actually was shaking without really realizing it. "I'm fine." I rambled on before I showed my excitement. "GUESS WHO I JUST SAW!?" I practically screamed. Screaming was the only way I could express how I was feeling in that moment when I saw those green emerald eyes just staring back at me. "Who did you see Chey?" My aunt asked as she took the seat on the other side of the small, tan, round table. I was replaying the whole moment over and over again in my head while my aunt was waiting for an answer. "Chey!" I snapped out of my daydream noticing her snapping her fingers in front of my face to try and bring me back to reality. "I SAW HARRY STYLES FROM ONE DIRECTION!" I screamed at my aunt. She looked as if she had just seen a ghost but without actually turning as white as one. "What? Are you serious?" Why would I joke about something like that? Who would make a sick joke about something like meeting Harry Styles when they didn't? I was being dead serious and she asks are you serious? "Aunt Carla, I have never been more serious or scared in my whole entire life!" I started to notice the shaking again, but this time it was worse. At that moment the little, blonde lady who had come to me earlier wanting my order, had brought me the water. I was reaching for my wallet, which was tucked away in one of my black, strap/button up ugg boots to find it wasn't there. I look up at my aunt with terror in my eyes. She paid the little lady and once again she trotted back to the counter with her long, blonde hair swaying back and forth. "Great and now I have lost my wallet. It probably fell out of my boot when I fell." I rambled on. Well one bad thing always has to ruin one good thing, I thought to myself. My heart was still racing from earlier but I knew I had to tell Liz. I made sure I still had my phone and didn't lose it too and immediately called Liz.

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