As if danger wasn't enough.

She ( Amanda Grey) did honestly not believe in love. Who would treat her right? And anyways, she wasn't looking for love, it's a waist of time, you know.
He (Justin Bieber) was a mess. Never had a love, or... Never had a true love. Wasn't looking for one either, he was just one of those bad-ass guys. I guess you call his kind of 'bad-ass' heartbreakers.


2. What an idiot..

We sat next to each other. I gave him a short smile, to let him know that i wasn't a total bitch. I admit it, i was a bit rude earlier, but what he did after. That was just weird. ''What's your name, beautiful?'' He asked, and scooted closer to me. ''Amanda. Amanda Grey. And please, don't call me beautiful, would you?'' I gave him another short smile. ''Well, you see, Amanda Grey. I think you are very, very beautiful. And i much say i just love you're attitude, even through i can tell your confident is faded.'' What is he talking about? He talked with this hoarse, deep voice, making me shiver a but. ''You, on the other and. You're confident is right on top.'' I said, making him laugh. He came closer, and whispered in my ear; ''Oh honey, but you make me so nervous.'' He said, winking at me, leaving his breath on my neck.  Who is he? Why is he like that? If he wasn't this weird, he would actually be very attractive.  

I looked back in my book, and started reading. I saw this new boy reaching his hand up ''Yes?'' The teacher asked. ''Sorry, but i haven't gotten this book yet, '' he said, and pointed at what i was reading. ''Since im new.'' He continued. The teacher told me to share, and i rolled my eyes, but not so he could see it. I saw him smirking at the fact that i scooted closer to him, so we both could see the book.

The bell excused me from moving closer, and the teacher called me and my new lappartner up to him, as the other students left. What now?

''Amanda, have you introduced yourself to our new student?'' He asked, and i simply nodded. ''Good, i was thinking if you two could work together after school? He's behind with the tasks, so i figured you'd be a help. Is that possible?''

Ohmygosh. How typical is this? There is no way, that this freak is going to my house.

''Sure, it can be hard to be the new kid. I'll help him out.'' I said, ignoring the fact that i actually hated him. Or, hate is a strong word. I just cant stand his weirdness. He smiled at me, and winked.



School was over, and i almost forgot i had study plans with this new kid, until i saw him leaning at my car. That's rude. I rolled my eyes, and when i got to him, he crossed his arms. ''What are you doing here? You didn't actually think that i was gonna bring you home to do homework?'' I snorted. ''No sweetie. But i was gonna take you home with me, so lets go.'' He said, pointing his finger at his own, fancy car. What?

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