As if danger wasn't enough.

She ( Amanda Grey) did honestly not believe in love. Who would treat her right? And anyways, she wasn't looking for love, it's a waist of time, you know.
He (Justin Bieber) was a mess. Never had a love, or... Never had a true love. Wasn't looking for one either, he was just one of those bad-ass guys. I guess you call his kind of 'bad-ass' heartbreakers.


1. Something about me.

 Amanda Grey's P.O.V

~~My alarm goes off at the exact same time as every morning.

'Ugh, school,'' I literally moaned, while clearing by eyes by blinking a couple of times. Well, shouldn't I start out by telling you something? My mother died 5  years ago, in a car accident, if I remember correctly. I was 12 back then, which makes me 17 now. Me and my dad never talks about it. Most of all because it hurts too much, but second of all because he is a jerk, and spends most of his time at his girlfriends, Monicas house. Which kind of leave the house to me. Me alone. But I can handle it... I'm a big girl now. By the way, I'm in a dilemma of hating, and loving school. I love it, because I like doing my homework. Only because it's the only thing in life I'm supposed to stress about, and then because I have no other things to do. I  hate it because I used to stress about other things. Like Jake, my ex-boyfriend, and Molly my 'soul mate,' of a best friend. And by the way, they both screwed me over, and left me hanging with nothing but me and my broken, broken heart. So I'm a high school girl, which mother is dead, which father is careless, which boyfriend cheated on her with her boyfriend, and which heart is broken. I'm just so glad, I didn't do anything I would regret, with Jake. I mean. That would really sink me if you know what im talking about, but after all I did love him, so I think I'm putting up a pretty good face anyway. You know, the smiles, the nods. And don't let us forget the good grades. I'm just keeping this in my mind; My mother is looking down at my with a smile. I know she's proud of me.

Well anyways, I got cleaned up. After a shower, i straightened my hair, and put on a very nice outfit; denim blue jeans, a very light pink top with a black cardigan over it, black converse, and a very natural make-up.

I got in my car, and drove away, and no longer than 6 minutes later I parked my car at the parking-lot to Valletta High School (Made it up, it's a fictive school). I grabbed my bag, and to skip the details, I ended up in math.

On my way to lunch, someone bumped into me. I looked back, to see Molly and Jake hand-in-hand, turning around, looking at me, and laughing. ''Idiots,'' i whispered angrily at my self. I know i shouldn't care about them, and in fact i don't. But who wouldn't get pissed if the only two people you opened up to in your life, turned out to be nothing but backstabbers, with a cold ass freaking heart. That can ruin my day. Really. ''Easy tiger, who are you calling an idiot?'' An unfamiliar voice came across, and snapped me back to reality. The hallway was almost empty, there was only a few girls left, in the other end, and then me and this stranger. I haven't seen him before, so he was probably new. But this wasn't a very good time, so i refused to spend a second to be polite. ''Who cares? I don't know you, so mind you're own business.'' Okay, maybe that was rude, but then he grabbed my arms fast, but not violently, and pushed me against the lockers. He placed his hands on each side of my head, kind of trapping me inbetween. He was a bit taller than me, so he bend his neck down, and let his face come closer to me. My heart jumped, but i didn't do anything. I was shocked. Annoyed. His finger tucked my hair bethind my ear. I could feel his breath on my neck, and then he moved his mouth to my ear, and whispered; ''Don't you talk to me like that, sweetheart. You'll regret it, if you don't behave.'' And without moving his head back, he let his finger trace down to my collar bone, and across the edge of my pink top. Then he placed the hand back on the other side of my head again, and winked at me, with a smirk. He walked away, and i breathed out. I still haven't moved away from the locker yet, i just watched this new guy walking away, looking all fly and shit. He was hot, but what a brat. Really? That was really lame.

I really don't hope that he's a senior. That's exactly the type of guys that needs to stay away from me. And i repeat, he was hot but i wasn't finding him my way of attractive. I begged the Gods above, that he wasn't gonna stay in any of the same classes as me. Really, he was a brat. What makes him think he can talk to me like that? I ain't gonna regret anything, and i wont be his goddamn 'sweetheart.' Sweetheart my ass, you know. Screw everyone.
I could sense my temper pump inside of me, and it reminded me of what bitch i used to be. -Well, until i learned how to control it. Now it just screams inside of me. Usually i would freak out and come crying to Jake to make him fix whatever was wrong. But im so done with that, cause that was so last year!

''Mph,'' i mummered, as i walked into English class. There he was. Of course. Well it didn't get to me that much, since i calmed myself after lunch, i just thought if was funny. Or rather, typical. Since i practically begged God not to let him be in any of my classes. And there he is. The only class, i don't have a lappatner in. Guess who's sitting next to me? This new dude, with this weird attitude. Where does he even belong? 











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