As if danger wasn't enough.

She ( Amanda Grey) did honestly not believe in love. Who would treat her right? And anyways, she wasn't looking for love, it's a waist of time, you know.
He (Justin Bieber) was a mess. Never had a love, or... Never had a true love. Wasn't looking for one either, he was just one of those bad-ass guys. I guess you call his kind of 'bad-ass' heartbreakers.


3. I still hate him.

 ''What? No!'' I said. He smirked. ''Well, what is up with you, hon? Stubborn much? No reason to be, i don't bite.'' He said, with a giggle. I rolled my eyes. ''Oh, so.. So, you're not a vampire? Oh.. Well, then im safe.'' Note the sarcasm. I went back, to open my car door, leaving him behind. We all know, that a badass like him is hot. I don't have to explain myself, when you ask why i cant look him in the eye. I get shy, okay? Stop being a bitch about it.

I drove home, and ordered pizza. Oh, what pizza can't do, huh? It makes me sooo... happy.
Ding. I got a message, and i grabbed my phone instantly. ''Unknown number?'' I whispered to my self. Hmm.

The text: Playing hard to get? -The 'new kid.'

Ugh. How the hell did he get my number?

I texted back.

Me: Uh, how did you get my number?

Him:  I have my ways ;)

Me: And what was your name again?

Him: Justin. Justin Drew Bieber, if you wanted me to be correctly.


Me: So, Bieber. What do you want? If you're just texting me to waste your time, then don't bother. You're wasting mine too.

Just as i pressed 'send,' i heard a knock on the door. ''Pizza!'' I threw my phone in the other end of the couch, and opened the door. I took the pizza, and gave the deliveryguy his money. At the same moment, i heard my phone buzz, and i rolled my eyes. Wow. He just cant leave me alone, huh?
Him: Study with me. Im very much behind, and i need your help. Pleaseee! And how come you're so mean?

Me: You annoy me, that's why. And no? I don't wanna study with you. You're just gonna rip my clothes off, since your personality screams 'Im a player.' And trust me. You're not my type, Bieber.

Him: Oh, please. You're tempting me ;) Im kidding. You're just judging me. You don't even know me, and now you're calling me a player? And annoying? Girl, how do you dare? I just met you when you were a.. bit mad...That's not my fault. Just give me a chance, and come over.

Well, he was right. I was in a bad mood when we first met, but that doesn't change the fact that he's weird. But since the teacher already told me to help, i cant allow my self to say no. So i could give him a chance...

Me: What's your address? I'll be there.

I could almost feel the way he would smirk instantly, when he read this. Hmm. Anyways. I took one last bite of my dear pizza, and threw the rest in the fridge. He texted me his address, and i took a quick look in the mirror, and got in my car.

Me: On my way.

Him: I knew you would change your mind;)

Me: Stop being stupid, or i'll go back.

Him: Ouch. Anyways, you should text while you drive. I would like you here whole, and alive ;)

Me: Well, if i can go home whole and alive as well, then okay. See ya' Beiber.

Him: Bieber*

Me: Whatever.

I kept my eyes on the road, and one last turn and i was there.

Him: Did you just park your car at my house?

Me: I sure did.

Him: Just making sure.

That was weird? Was he expecting someone else? Oh well. I just rolled my eyes, and got out.

I didn't even bothered to knock, i just barged in, finding him standing against the wall with a smirk.

''Make yourself at home.'' He said, and chuckled. ''I sure will. Its a big house. How can your mother afford this?'' I asked, looking around, and then back at him who still haven't moved. ''She cant. That's why i live alone.'' He answered and winked. ''Really? How old are you?'' He laughed. ''That's not the point.'' ''Well, were you expecting someone?'' I said, and got a bit shy. What if he has a girlfriend, and she will come. thinking he's cheating on her, with me? He took my hand, after a flinch, and dragged me to his room upstairs. ''No one, but you.'' He said, with a smile. Not a smirk, or a flirty smile. Nothing annoying wink, and something like that. Just a cute, simple smile. And of course, i smiled back, still letting him hold my hand.



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