As if danger wasn't enough.

She ( Amanda Grey) did honestly not believe in love. Who would treat her right? And anyways, she wasn't looking for love, it's a waist of time, you know.
He (Justin Bieber) was a mess. Never had a love, or... Never had a true love. Wasn't looking for one either, he was just one of those bad-ass guys. I guess you call his kind of 'bad-ass' heartbreakers.


4. He's just.... wow.

He sat down on his bed, letting me look around. He even has a kitchen upstairs. ''You have a kitchen upstairs aswell?'' i asked, and he nodded with a smile. ''This is amazing.'' I said, and he chuckled. I looked back at him, and sat down in the white chair, next to his kingsize bed. ''Well, can i offer you something?'' He said, pointing at the door, letting me know he meant something from the kitchen. ''Water is fine.'' He got up from the bed, with a nod, and walked to the kitchen to get me a glass of water. I got up, to look at the pictures on the wall. I saw a picture of him, and his mother from when he was little. I felt that i had seen the 'little him' before, but didn't think more of it, since i heard him behind me. I jumped a little, since i didn't heard him, and that caused him to smile. ''Didn't mean to scare you. Are you looking at my pictures?'' He said. He stood behind me, and i turned back around to look at them again. I nodded, and smiled. He looked cute as little. And familiar. He gave me the class of water, and in the same second i turned around, causing me to walk directly into him, and dropping the water all over us. Both of our shirt were soaked, and i got shocked. ''Im so, so, so sorry! I didn't mean to.. I just wanted to..'' He interrupted me; ''Its okay, don't worry.'' And then he let out a little laugh, causing me to chuckle as well. He went to his drawer, and picked up two t-shirts, throwing one of them at me. ''Put this on.'' ''Thank you, where can i change?'' I asked, looking around for the bathroom. ''Just change in here, im gonna grab a new class of water for you, and then im gonna change,'' he answered back, and i simply just nodded. He went to the kitchen, and i quickly chanced into his shirt. It was a little too big for me, but who cares. He came back just as i had pulled it over my head. He chuckled. ''You look cute,'' he looked up and down at me. ''Cut it off Bieber.'' He placed the glass on the table, and threw his hands in the air as if he were saying, 'sorry.'

''You can change now, im gonna go down and grab my book in my car. I just realized i forgot them.'' He nodded, ''fine, hurry up.'' I nodded back, and went down the stairs, just telling my self not to get lost in here. As i went back up to his room, i forgot to knock. I just barged in finding him


I froze, looking at his abs. I felt a blush, and i wanted to say sorry but i just froze completely. Then he laughed, causing us to make eye contact. ''Wanna touch them too?'' He said, moving closer with a smirk. ''Take that smirk down, Bieber. I didn't stare because of you, i just simply did not expect you to be shirtless, okay?'' I snapped, and walked pass him, back to the chair. I took a sip off my water, and Justin walked over to me, still not wearing a shirt. He sighed as he stood in front of me. Did he wanted me to stand up, or leave, or what? I got confused. ''Please tell me why you hate me so much? I thought we were becoming friends.'' He said, looking me in the eyes. I never expected him to talk like that. Like he actually would show his feelings. ''Do you wanna be friends or what?'' I snapped at him again. He nodded. ''Yeah, so tell me. Whats wrong? What in the wide world could i have done wrong in less than 24 hours, to make you hate me?'' ''I don't hate you, Bieber. I simply just don't like you. No offense.'' I said, as he pulled a shirt over his head, and sat on the bed. He smirked. ''Tell me why.'' He said. ''No. I answered, looking down.





I said, still looking down. He lifted my chin up with his finger, looking me into the eyes.

''Tell me, is there something wrong?'' he said, with a low voice. ''I just don't trust anyone, thanks to my father who left me alone for another girl. I bet he has a new family, i don't know. And something about you makes me think that you aren't very trustable.'' I looked down, he didn't say anything.

''Now if you would excuse me..'' I said, finding my way to the bathroom with a tear rolling down my cheek.

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