Goodbye, Mum


1. 7th May

Imagine the worst day of your life and the pain you felt. Then times that pain by ten, and you might just get the faintest idea of how I was feeling that day. It was as though my heart had been ripped out of my chest and pounded with a bat, The hurt, anger, pain, upset and sheer worry consumed me from that day onwards. That's the day I lost my best friend.

It was a dreary Friday afternoon, around midday, when the phone call came, The rain was coming down in torrents outside the window, despite the fact that a heat wave was forecast. If only the rain had held off for one more day, one more hour. It had been my 16th birthday two days before, so I was now legally allowed to live alone, thank goodness.

Mr MacDonald was drawing our final lesson to a close when the school secretary appeared at the door. Her face was haggard and stained with sorrow when she called me from the room. I feared the worst. Had the house burnt down? Had Dad been found? Gosh, that would've been a relief compared to reality. I had no idea and was not prepared for what she was about to say...




Crying, that was all I could do, I could only cry. I wondered, and cried, for hours. After I had received the news, I was sent home. But, you see, I no longer felt like I had a home, she was my home, my safe haven, the only person I felt comfortable around. I no longer had anyone to pour my feelings out to. I've always been an outsider, I never quite fitted in. You've got the nerds, the jocks, the cheerleaders, the popular kids, and then me. I'm my own person, and don't like to be sorted into a category. Because I've seen what that can do to you, girls, backstabbing, lying, all to keep the person they think is their best friend who is doing the same thing to them to keep someone else, and on and on, until you have a never ending chain of hate and lies, and eventually, a link in the chain collapses, and everyone breaks. But we were our own little chain, a chai I thought that would never break. But it did. into a million tiny pieces, just like my heart.

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