Ok Hi my name is Sabrina Cowell and yes i am related to Simon Cowell cause he is my dad I am 17 going on to 18 soon but thats before i got told i have to go on tour with 2 of the worlds biggest bands this book includes crazy shopping trips with the girls really heated makeout sesions and amaZAYN and brilLIAM pranks read more to find out and im gonna say this isnt a 'red' warning on it but it has very mild scenes into it so i will say wathc out if your below the age of 11


3. meeting and aruguing

Simons p.o.v

Once Sabrina left in the lift i saw the boys walk in all of them Louis,Niall,Zayn,Liam and lastly Harry. iwaved to them and then they all walked over to me.

" Hi, Si what did you call us here for today" Liam spoke

"Well i brought you all her to meet the most important person to me ever , my daughter Sabrina. Now i know i can trust you but i mean this i dont want any of you to date her or go third base with her cause she hasnt had a boyfriend before and i dont want her to come home crying cause one of you broke her heart otherwise i will personally kill you . i mean it ." i finnished say getting quite stern with them

they all replied with yeses and i understand .

After i had spoke to them i took them upstairs to meet her in the office but once we got in there she wasnt there . we couldnt see her but i could hear her singing and it sounded really good so i followed the sound into the sound booth and then there she was singing so peaceully without a care in the world she looked just like her mum. once in far enough i told the boys to come see too and she still didnt realise that we were whatching her untill the song ended.Busted! but by my surprise she would nomaly filp out but now she just froze we were in silence just lookin at each other . it felt like hours but really it was only  a couple of minutes until Louis spoke and introduce himself and the other guys .


After awile of compilments made by the boys we sat down and talked. They seem really nice and funny ... untill...

we had been there for half an hour already and dad had left to go to talk a call so i was here with them alone .

"So Sabrina what do you like to do . Tell us about you" Liam said and my eyes widend because 1 i dont l like telling people about my past and mum and 2 cause i am so not gonna say that i havent been in a relationship all my life i havent been good enough and judged but not now i have made some new friends and i am not gonna let anone ruin that.

( just o e you know this it my first movellasnd i wont do any ore authuors notes after this one buti just wanted to tell you that i update everyday and that i hope you like this and itwasmade only 20/10/14)


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