Ok Hi my name is Sabrina Cowell and yes i am related to Simon Cowell cause he is my dad I am 17 going on to 18 soon but thats before i got told i have to go on tour with 2 of the worlds biggest bands this book includes crazy shopping trips with the girls really heated makeout sesions and amaZAYN and brilLIAM pranks read more to find out and im gonna say this isnt a 'red' warning on it but it has very mild scenes into it so i will say wathc out if your below the age of 11


2. inside and them

Sabrinas p.o.v

Once inside it was like the tardis it was even bigger on the inside. My dad being a very important person had to check in so he gave me the key to his office whilst he walked over to the main front desk . So as i walked to the lift i noticed alot of famous people and there pictures in the hallways and even on the stairs. as soon as i got to his office i noticed it had a recording studio and along with a sound booth. i quickly walked over too it and started to work it (well just push buttons) and then i made my way to the micropone to sing 'a thousand years' by Christina Perrie . This song was like the story ofmy life to me because i could realate to it so well . As soon as the music started it just converted me and i just blocked out the whole world . music was my exsape . After a while the music stoppted and i stopped singing but i looked up and saw 6 pairs of eyes on me. I froze.

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