Ok Hi my name is Sabrina Cowell and yes i am related to Simon Cowell cause he is my dad I am 17 going on to 18 soon but thats before i got told i have to go on tour with 2 of the worlds biggest bands this book includes crazy shopping trips with the girls really heated makeout sesions and amaZAYN and brilLIAM pranks read more to find out and im gonna say this isnt a 'red' warning on it but it has very mild scenes into it so i will say wathc out if your below the age of 11


5. home & crushes


once we got home Niall ran into the kitchen and nearly knocked all of us over on the way but i just bursted out into a fit of laughter 'cause it as new to me and 1 minute later of laughing heavily by myself the other boys joined in apart from Niall he just was in is own world stuffing everything into his mouth discustingly

"Eww Niall thats nearly all the food we have got now gone and thats discusting!" i said as soon as i realised it was so angry my food means everything to me

"whaa" he spoke with his mouth full.

"okay, so who wants to whatch a movie and snuggle!?" Zayn said and Louis and Harry angreed

"just a sec i will go and grab my blankets and get changed , you can pick a movie out if you want there under the t.v to the right" i said from halfway up the stairs.

Once upstairs i quickly got the blankets from my wardrobe and also grabbed my p.j's that were black and white that were styled like a scribbled on peice paper and my soft rabbit slippers that ears popped up everytime i stepped i ran downstairs to see the boys with snacks and drinks on the coffee table already and the movie 'annabelle' starting. I Hate that movie so much i just get so scared that i wont be able to sleep for weeks . oh no . I jump on to the couch at the same time harry did and he laded on top of me.

"OUCHHHHHHH HARRY OUCHHHHHHH GET OFF I WAS HERE FIRST!!!!!!!!" i screemed and made everyone jump but i didnt care i was just i so much pain

"sorry Sab i just really want to sit next to BooBear" he said with a baby voice.

"Who is that?"i said confused

"Louis" he said like it was the most obvious thing ever

"and Liam is Buzz for Buzz-Lightyear" he continuted

"Zayn is Bradford bad boi" " true dat" Zayn interupted

"Niall is Nialler"

"and mine is 'SEXY'" i just scoffed at his

"yeah, right i dont see why i dont believe you?, maybe its cause your not sexy" i said proud and devilshl. All the boys just oohed at my comment but mine and Harrys stayed locked to see if any of us would respond to that.

"you gonna wish you never said that love?" he said all cheekily. now i am scared whats he gonna do? i was still staring at him even thought he looked back to the movie. I dont know what it is about him but i cant look away so i just exsamine his features; like his amaZAYN green eyes that i could just fall for in a second and his curly lousious brown hair that goes in all diffrent directions , his brilLIAM mouth on how it is perfectly shaped oh how wish i could kiss him right now .


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