Ok Hi my name is Sabrina Cowell and yes i am related to Simon Cowell cause he is my dad I am 17 going on to 18 soon but thats before i got told i have to go on tour with 2 of the worlds biggest bands this book includes crazy shopping trips with the girls really heated makeout sesions and amaZAYN and brilLIAM pranks read more to find out and im gonna say this isnt a 'red' warning on it but it has very mild scenes into it so i will say wathc out if your below the age of 11


4. crying


I could feel their eyes on me If eyes could do damage i would have alot of peirced skin and this is mainly what i tell people but not them 'i have really had a nice life but you only live once so' and i wasnt gonna tell them about my mum and boyfriends i have only met them for half an hour. I also hate it when people have pity on me. Just ask my dad.

"....I .....urm....I...." i was begging myself to stop i so didnt want this but word just kept sipping out of my mouth like i had no control over myself so i slapped my hand over my mouth and just sat their. They must think i am a complete freak , i just wanted to cry. Water was building up in my eyes and they could see it too.

just then the first tear fell so i got up and hand gestuired them a 5 minute break and on my way out ...oh no not dad anyone but dad he is gonna see then get mad at me and the boys . So i do what i do best run to the ladys bathroom and try to calm myself down .

I have probally been in here for about 10 minutes but it felt like only seconds untill i was pulled out from my thoughts by hearing a knock at the door it was all of them and dad . I opened the door and put on a fake smile which after crying was visible it was fake . I stepped out  and rested on the wall next to the door looking at them, i coud see guilt in there eyes i felt so bad for doing that .

"you okay now" i think it was zayn that asked

"yeah why wouldnt i be" I tried to act like nothing had happenend but it did .

"because ... nevermind , just come on we are going on a walk back to our house, well atually i cant ive got to stay here but the boys will look after you , better than before" my dad said he always had to go to work and it was so annoying but he just gaveme permission to go home with five super cute boys .yay.

"Okay so lets go Sab" they all said in unison weird


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