Ok Hi my name is Sabrina Cowell and yes i am related to Simon Cowell cause he is my dad I am 17 going on to 18 soon but thats before i got told i have to go on tour with 2 of the worlds biggest bands this book includes crazy shopping trips with the girls really heated makeout sesions and amaZAYN and brilLIAM pranks read more to find out and im gonna say this isnt a 'red' warning on it but it has very mild scenes into it so i will say wathc out if your below the age of 11


6. capter 6


Halfway through whatching 'Annabelle' it wasnt attually that scary but it did make me jump a bit and only once did i hide into Louis's chest but he doesnt have a girlfriend (none of them do)and i think he enjoyed it? hmm. Anyway we were half way though i saw Harry get up but maybe it was just cause he was thirsty so i just ignored him and carried on whatching the movie untill i felt two big strong arms lift me up and i started to wriggle and scream but when i saw it as Harry i just stared at him in silence

"Harry honestly if you dont put me down on the couch i will bite you!" i threatend but he just ignored me and started walking so he left me no hoice but to atually bite him 

"OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled and as he did he dropped me into the inside pool. It was so fucking cold !!!!

"HHHHHHHAAAAARRRRRRYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! GET YOUR FUCKING ARSE OVER HERE RIGHT NOW OR I WILL RIP OFF YOUR BALLS,SEW THEM BACK ON AGAIN THEN RIP THEM OFF AND SNAP ALL OF YOU FINGERS AND PUT THEM ON YOUR ARSE SO YOU WILL NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO SIT DOWN EVER A---!!!!!!" I shouted whilst getting out of the pool and looking right at him. but i stopped after looking at his green eyes full of worry i just melted and his bright pink lips oh ho- no stop sab you are ment to be hating him not caring he just throw you into a pool . now i was taken back to reality from hearing about 5 pairs of feet run away . I ran inside to look but i was so tried and cold i just went into my room to get changed and get into bed ...


I was awoken by my light being turned on why? why cant i just be able to sleep . Obviously i cant right now so i throw a pillow at the 5 pairs if eyes "Ouch" louis said rubbing his arm

"Sorry, anyway what do you want its ( looks at clock) 2:30 am why dd i have wake up?" i said rubbing my eyes andsitting up facing them

"well your dad isnt back yet and Harry had something to say to you and you to him" once Niall, Zayn and liam said that me and Harry looked at each other than we both said "Urgh" and "As if" .

"you will apoligise to one another otherwise we are gonna tell Simon"Louis continuted

"What you cant do that, what i fi dont want to apoligise to her, if you have already forgotten she bit me TWICE?! and threatend me to pull my balls off and never sit down again" harry said getting sarcastic

"you two will apologise otherwise we will lock you both into this room for a whole day together" Niall said puting his hands on his hips . me and Harry both gasp

"Okay you left us no ch-" we both cut Zayn off say 'yes we will do it'and with that they left us in my room to 'apologise' . After about 2 minutes without a word i patted the space on my bed next to me for him to sit on it and he did .

"So.."i started

"So.."he repeated

"Their stupid to think that we would attually apologise for what 'you' did"


"yes you it wouldnt have had anyof this to happen if you didnt jump on me"

"that was on accident and you know it"

"Fine.. now what?"

"well i dont really know that much about you and you dont have to tell me if you dont want to" Harry said so caring , it was so cute


It was 2:30 am and we not sure to go so we just stayed and i was just staring at the bite marks on my arm and chest Sab had made just before i threw her in to the pool . Just thinking of it made me chuckle then all the guys looked at me with confused looks on their faces untill Liam noticed i was looking at the marks thats when he laughed a little then wolf whistled and said 'Harry has a crush on Sabrina, Harry has a crush on Sabrina' and then everyone else joined in and started to laugh, they were singing 'that' and dancing around the house , i just hope she doesnt hear. I was so embarrassed and it was true too so just then i felt my cheeks burning up. "But dude she probally hates you, 'cause you did throw her into the pool" Louis said once everyone sat back down

"Yeah man you need to make it up to her go and apologise to her right now " zayn said with a smirk on his face why?

"Dude it half 2 in the morning she isnt gonna want to talk " i said slouching in to the couch

" Yeah but its better now then in the morning when its sunk in and she hates you even more 'cause you do want here to just even like you dont you"

"yeah man he has point" Louis and Niall both commented

"Alright i will go wake her but you guys have to come to just incase...?"i said standing up

"hey Hazza would i be pushing it if i asked you to tell her about how you feel?" Louis said tapping my shoulder

"yeah just a bit " i said sarcasticily . Once we got upstairs i stopped outside her door and looked at the guys and wisperd ''do you really thing that this is the best idea 'cause i would mind just to turn around and forget everything'' i was about to walk away when they made a wall so i couldnt go anywhere then they opened the door pushed me in then trned on the light thats when she was stirring ......(skip the part you know sorry)anyway i/we didnt really get to know her that much before so i thought since she is wake now maybe we can finnish off what we started and i hope she can trust me

"well i dont really now that much about you and you dont have to tell me if you dont want to its fine..." i said understanding if she didnt want to tell me but her eyes are just so brown you could get lost in them and here freckles are so adoroble i want to just kiss here right now but i dont want to ruin 'this' friendship

"okay" she said turning her body to face me

"so what do you want to know?" she carried on

"i dont mind how about we play 20 quetions i'll just go get the lads" i said getting up but as soon as i opened the door all the guys were their asleep on the door and they looked so cute so i wisperd for Sab to come over that when she said

"i got an idea who about we draw on the faces to teach them a lession not to listen on us again then we put it on the web" when she said that both of our faces started to light up in glee and then we did just do thatnd then we got back into her bed and began to play 20 questions.

"1) okay so have you ever had a boyfriend...... oops i promise i didnt mea-" i blurted out oh no 

"its fine and no i havent because my dad doesnt approve of any of them stupid person."  she mumled the last part but i cant believe she hasnt had a bofriend before i mean she is so pretty and does that mean simon doesnt approve of one of us being his daughters boyfriend i dont know wheather to be offended or not? anyway we talked and laughed for about 2 hours so now i was getting tired and i could tell she as too so we both layed down and she fell asleep in my arms nearly strait away  i dont know why but i feel so protective over her right now and now i just want her to be mine so bad but then i fell asleep in my thoughts. 

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