Too Close - Luke Hemmings 5SOS

"Fuck you".
That was his last words for me.

I'm Tiana.
I'm not an Angel - That's for sure.
My dad got a new girlfriend - we moved to her place. It was huge. She seemed so nice. It was nice to actually have the feeling of having a mom.
Just until I met her son.
my ex.
Luke Fucking Hemmings.


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Tiana's POV -


''Are you okay Tiana?'', Calum asked with a confused glare. Ashton sent a questionable look at Luke, who seemed to be too worried to think.


I opened my mouth and waited for the words to come out, but nothing ever happened. I wiped a tear away and sniffled, Luke still held me even though I tried pushing him slightly away.


I nodded quietly as a respond to Calum and looked away. The tension was thick between us and was awkwardly enhanced by a cough from one of the boys.


''Luke, can I speak with you for a moment?'', I head Ashton say, Luke's arms loosened around me and I heard him walk away with Ashton.

I kept my eyes away from Calum and Michael for a while and I was surprised when I felt a pair of arm hug me tight.

''Whatever made you this devastated I'm sure you'll get better...'', His voice was hesitant in some way, but his words still sincere.

A smile tugged at my lip as I looked up and met Calum's eyes, ''Sorry.'', I barely whispered as my voice didn't obey.

''Don't apologize.'', He smiled and pulled me in for another heart warming hug.


''What happened?'', Michale's voice cut through, I was taken back by how hurried his words seemed to be - like they were being pulled out of his mouth.

I shrugged and started fiddling with my fingers at the ends of my sleeves, ''Sorry Michael, but that is not something I'm going to share with any of you.'', I felt my voice growing stern but it wasn't on purpose and I soon felt bad when I saw Michael's worrying look turn into a slight frown.

''Sorry...'', I said hoping they would understand.


Calum reassuringly padded my back and smiled to Michael as if he was telling him something.


''Absolutely not!'', We all turned our heads to the loud yell as it nearly made the walls crack.

''What the fuck.'', I whispered to myself as I peeked into the room where Luke and Ashton were. Luke looked furious, his face was all read and with glowing eyes, Ashton had his back towards me, but I could tell from his clenched fist and visible veins that he too was mad.


''You can't fucking tell me what to do, Ashton!'', Luke yelled with a whine that made it sound more like a question,

''Think about it, are you completely out of your mind?'', His body language became bigger by every word. Ashton back away as Luke stepped forward. 

''Back off, both of you-'', Michael stepped in and stomped between them, ''What the fucking fuck balls are you guys doing.'', His voice was low and stern and it honestly scared me a little bit.


''Nothing that I wan't to discuss further.'', Luke's tone was like ice and made a shiver run down my spine, he was already gone before he finished talking and loud boots on the stair indicated that he went to his room.




A few days passed and I felt so empty. After seeing my mom like that I was mad at my father for not trying hard enough. Luke had been taking more distance to me after Ashton talked with him - and Calum started getting closer. It was nice to have a decent person to talk to, one that I didn't have any fucked up past with.


''Should I go make another bowl?'', Calum asked and motioned to the empty bowl that had only minutes ago been filled with popcorn, I nodded eagerly and paused the movie he let out a laugh and went into the kitchen.

We were watching some shit movie called 'The Breed' about some wild killer dogs on an island, I couldn't help but laugh every time the dogs would kill a human because Cal would let out these small cries, he told me that the dogs were so cute that he didn't believe that they were monsters inside. Adorable.


He came back with delicious popcorn and a cute smile, he sat down close to me on the couch and waited to me to start the movie again. the popcorn were gone quite quickly as he started digging into them so I flicked a couple into his face which made his eyebrows knit together, he looked at me with his eyes slightly squeezed and I laughed, I laughed so fucking hard.

''Aren't you a bit Asian?'', I asked in giggles and his expression hardened even more, ''Like, it looks like it when you do that with your eyes.''

''I'm not fucking Asian.'', He said stern and threw a popcorn into his mouth, ''The fans don't know my family tree, they don't know shit, if they saw what I have in my pants they wouldn't doubt that I'm not Asian.''

I snorted and smacked his arm playfully, his face softened in a smile,

''They already have, Calum, who did you even send that Snapchat to?'', I said and his face dropped instantly.


''Let's just watch the movie, please.'', He sighed,

A pang of guilt hit me, did I say something wrong? Is he embarrassed?

Then after a bit of watching the movie in silence a wide smile spread across his lips, ''I was fucking with ya.'', He grinned and I realized that it was a joke,

I hit his arm a little harder, ''I was actually concerned, you dick.'', He started wiggling his eyebrows,

''I'm not a dick, but I certainly have one.''



I tiredly opened my eyes and was met with a bright light and soon discovered that I was still in the living room. As I tried to sit up I felt something securing me in place, I looked down and saw a tanned arm with a bit of tattoos, Calum's chest moved behind me as I wiggled a little. An adorable hum came from his throat as I left, his sleeping self shivered at the loss of contact. His eyes flickered open and he looked around confused. 

''When did we fall asleep?'', he asked in a husky morning voice. My thoughts went on a rampage just because of his soothing voice, it sounded so fucking sexy. I shrugged when I noticed him waiting for a response. He then lifted himself off the couch and stretched his fine body, which gave me a second to admire his exposed stomach when his shirt lifted. He then smiled at me and went into the kitchen without a word.


This was weird. I felt to strange. I felt like I enjoyed sleeping with him like that, no- not sex, but his cuddles were amazing. Did he like sleeping with me as well?... What did he think about it, since he was so confused?

What if we really slept together? 

I shook myself out of those thoughts and followed him into the kitchen. Calum's back was in my view as I watched him making coffee, I noticed how his muscles moved underneath his t-shirt which made me want to run my hands on them. What the fuck is my brain doing right now...


''Morning.'', Luke's voice emerged from the entrance right behind me, before neither of us replied he said, ''Did you sleep over?'', directed at Calum of course. I eyes Luke at the hurried tone of his voice, rude. He had purple bags under his eyes and his lips were a bit swollen, he probably didn't sleep that well.

''Yeah, I fell asleep on the couch watching a movie with Tiana.'', He poured up some coffee and handed Luke a cup as well as me.

''Oh.'', Was all that Luke said afterwards, his eyes wandered to me with a disappointed look in his eye. I gave him a confused glare back, 

''Any plans today?'', I asked and cut the tension Luke had created.

''We're practicing today, you know there will be a show in London in a few days.'', Calum explained with a smile. Luke seemed to be muttering a few words, but I ignored his grumbling.

''Oh yeah! I can't wait to come with.'', I smiled back at both of them, only earning a smile from Calum.




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I'm the girl in between Ashton and Calum, soo... yeah.... I met the sunshines. Michael was fucking talkative... do you wanna hear more?


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