Too Close - Luke Hemmings 5SOS

"Fuck you".
That was his last words for me.

I'm Tiana.
I'm not an Angel - That's for sure.
My dad got a new girlfriend - we moved to her place. It was huge. She seemed so nice. It was nice to actually have the feeling of having a mom.
Just until I met her son.
my ex.
Luke Fucking Hemmings.


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28. Paranoid ~ </3

Tiana's POV - 


The voices were muffled in my ears as I snuggled into the blanket. My mind had been running around aimlessly around for three days now. Luke had been all over me the past three days constantly asking me questions. I was home late that night so he had been in my heels since then and asking where I had been. My mind was clouded, I had just spent my days on the couch watching every single movie on Netflix, Merissa had joined me every now and then when she wasn't sneaking around with Ashton.

Liz and my dad had an amazing time as well, they were out nearly every night eating dinner at beautiful restaurants - at least he had that going for him. I on the other hand was growing more distant towards Luke, he had just annoyed me with all his concern. It's non of his business.


I hear the voices getting closer as I look up from my blanket. Calum walked into the living room and eyed me a questionable look, ''You look like shit.'', He stated and sat down at the end where my feet were laying. 

I huffed lightly, ''Well thank you, wish I could've said the same thing.'', I said and covered my head with the blanket once again. I heard him chuckle lightly and could already tell that he had a smirk planted on his lips. 

''You know...'', He started; which made me look at him once again, his eyes grew more serious so I sat up properly.

''What?'', I said for him to continue.

''Are you okay?'', He asked and looked down at his hands and started playing with his fingers, ''Because since that night you seem...''

''Distant?'', I finish his sentence. He nods quietly. I sigh and scoot a bit closer.

He continues as he realizes that I won't answer the question, ''Luke has been out of his mind, constantly worrying-'', He holds a small pause before a smile appears on his lips, ''Actually to the point where I think he might like you a little too much, but that's just crazy.'', He laughs out.

I bit my lip and force a light grin. To my surprise Calum doesn't notice my horrible forced laugh and just looks at me with a smile.

''I'm fine, just a bit... Shaken.'', I say as I try to believe it myself. I'd like to think that I'm perfectly fine, when in fact I feel horrible.. ''And please tell Luke to relax, he has been acting like my dad.''

Calum's eyes grow wider as well as his smile that turns into a big smirk, he lightly pushes me with his elbow and grins, ''Daddy kink I see.''

I open my mouth taking in a heavy breath, my cheeks quickly heat up at his comment. ''Not like that at all, oh my god Calum!'', I laugh loudly as I hit him playfully.

He shakes his head still with that smile playing on his lips, ''It's really popular in the fanfictions ya' know?''

''You read those?''

He sends me an offended look, ''No!?'', he exclaims.

''I don't believe you.'', I tease and wink at him.

He smacks my arm and get's up, ''Whatever I've got band practice now..'', He mutters and stumbles out like a child.

I shake my head with a smile. Calum is daddy af. I can't even believe that thought just crossed my mind...




I was surprisingly outside in the fresh air, I had make my effort to look decent for the paparazzi outside; which were constantly there when Luke was at home might I add. They were extremely annoying and would sometimes even follow you to the grocery store.

I was now walking down the sidewalk to my mom's house. I felt like a mess and to be honest it made me feel less like shit when I visited her. She is a tangled mess. 


I knock on the door and wait for a while. I fiddle with my nails and take a deep breath, I knew how this would end up already. I opened the door and immediately smell the alcohol stinging in my nose. It was filthy everywhere you looked, old bottles were stacked in the corners and soon I head clinging glass in the room next door. 

''Mom?'', I said as I looked inside, there she was, lying on the floor taking deep breaths. Her attention turned to me as she tried to sit straight. Her wrinkles had gotten more visible since the last time i saw her, her skin looked even worse with bumps all over it. Sweat stains were visible on her white t-shirt that was way too small which added to the alcoholic look. I scrunched my face in disgust at the sight of her. 

''Hello beautii-, finall-y paying a vishit?'', She said unclear - obviously her mind was clouded.

''Anytime.'', I muttered and helped her stand up. As I held her I noticed the smell that lingered on her, it was horrible. The smell was hurting my nostrils to the point where I had to back away. She looked at me with sad eyes. Last time I saw her she was doing a lot better, she was trying to patch things up and actually be a mom...

''Sorry mom, but you smell like old beer mixed with some kind of rotten sweet smell...'', I was filled with pity as the poor woman looked at me with no sign of emotion.

I shook my head, ''I'm sorry, I can't stand to see you like this.'', I said and ran out.




''Luke!'', I yelled repeatedly through the house as I burst through the door.

''Tiana?'', I heard him yell back from the living room. I felt knots tying in my throat and I just couldn't hold it anymore. I ran into him and squeezed him as the sobs escaped my mouth, I was devastated. I felt his arms wrap around me as he started whispering to me, ''Shh, I'm here.. Shh''. My eyes were screwed shut, It had never crossed my mind that I would have been come crying to Luke like I was now. I never wanted him to see me like this.

Tears were running endlessly down my face. I was a mess, my mom was a mess, my job was a mess, simply my life was a mess. A mess that I was caught in, like an evil circle repeating itself. I inhaled sharp breaths in between my cries. I nuzzled my face closer and closer to his chest.

As I opened my eyes I noticed three pairs of eyes watching us with confused glares.






So there you have it. Tiana's mother is an alcoholic, and now you finally meet her. I'm sorry for not updating this story, but it just bothers me how badly it is written because it was my first fanfic... But, however, here it is - another chapter for you guys!


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