Too Close - Luke Hemmings 5SOS

"Fuck you".
That was his last words for me.

I'm Tiana.
I'm not an Angel - That's for sure.
My dad got a new girlfriend - we moved to her place. It was huge. She seemed so nice. It was nice to actually have the feeling of having a mom.
Just until I met her son.
my ex.
Luke Fucking Hemmings.


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14. Nothing lasts forever ~<3

Tiana's POV -


''I know it might be hard for you to be around him again'' dad said and caressed my hands tightening his grip a bit.

I looked at him and Liz sitting in front of me. Their eyes were locked on me. 

''It is.'' I just said and looked down again.

My feelings started gathering in my throat.

Dad sighed.

''Tiana, if me and your dad knew that you and Luke had been together we probably never would've let this happen'' she said caring.

''That's why I didn't tell you.'' I looked up with tears starting to form in my eyes, ''you seem perfect for each other''.

Liz aw'ed and looked at my dad. Her eyes were filled with love. I smiled at them.

''I'm glad you told us'' she ended and stood up.





I sat in my room scrolling through twitter.

*@Meriss5sos sent you a message*

The happiness started tingling inside me.

''Hey sweetie!! I have some good news! I am moving to Australia for 1 month! Hope you have a spare room Sugar! ;)) xoxo''


OH MY GOD! Merissa is moving to Aussie! I took a deep breath to contain myself - but I failed... really hard.

I was screaming and jumping around in my bed of joy.


... Until the door opened.

I threw myself down on the bed and looked at Luke standing there awkwardly looking at me.


''Should I pretend I didn't see that?'' he chuckled and closed the door behind him. His wide smile lightened up the room.

''Yeah'' I said. 

felt so embarrassed - I could even feel the heat in my cheeks.

''why did you come in here anyway?'' I asked and sat up properly on the edge of my bed.

He revealed a magazine in his and and sat down beside me.

''You want to read a magazine with me?'' I said and looked questioningly at him.

He nodded lightly and looked at the front cover.


''Just look Tiana'' he sighed loud and looked up at the ceiling.

I looked at the front cover. I was shocked. I blinked extra hard to make sure that my eyes weren't playing with me.

''Fuck'' I whispered and took the magazine out of his hands. 





Merissa's POV -


I walked around in London. Watching the people walking by. I soon had to leave this beautiful town that I call home.

My dad sent me to a ''really amazing school'' in Australia... I couldn't say anything to my defense - so I just have to roll with it.

At least I'll get to meet Tiana again. I haven't stopped missing her since she left. I feel like a piece of me is missing.




Tiana's POV -


''FUCK LUKE'' I yelled while pacing around in my room, ''what do we do!?'' I exclaimed and swung around with my arms. I had no idea where to place myself.

Luke sat on the bed reading the magazine over and over again.

''I'll just say it isn't true'' he said and followed me with his eyes, ''please Tiana. Come sit down'' he padded on the bed.

I did as he demanded and sat down beside him. I started biting my nails.

''fuck...'' I whispered.

''It's not that bad'' he smirked at me, ''I'll just say it's edited''

''Yeaaah do that. Everyone would believe that'' I said sarcastically, ''and why the fuck are you taking this to lightly?!''

I stood up in front of him, ''You have no idea what will happen to me when your fans sees this! And it's probably all over the internet already!''

''Hey... Calm down'' he said and looked away from me.


I read the title again:

*Luke Hemmings and unknown girl - Dating?*

The pictures were placed under it. The pictures of me and Luke that night by the swings. We were kissing.

Beside it there was another picture of me and Luke hugging. it seemed to be from the same night.

Two whole pages were filled with text. All about me and Luke.

*Who is this mystery girl?*

*A new girlfriend*

A picture was titled *She met the band!*... It was a picture of Ashton, Calum and Michael entering our house. 

Have they really been stalking us?

I don't know if I can get used to this kind of attention... Seeing myself on the cover of a magazine titled as the ''Mystery Girl'' I whispered the words slowly - making Luke's attention turn to me again.


''You have to tell them how it really is.'' I said and handed him the magazine.

''Tell them that we really have something going on while our parents are dating?'' he raised his eyebrows pointing at the pictures.

''no. I mean... Tell them that our parents are in a relationship and that we would NEVER be dating'' I explained frustratingly.

''Seems like a plan'' he said and stood up.

We were only inches apart.

I felt like I was being pulled closer to him like two magnets - meant to be together.



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