Too Close - Luke Hemmings 5SOS

"Fuck you".
That was his last words for me.

I'm Tiana.
I'm not an Angel - That's for sure.
My dad got a new girlfriend - we moved to her place. It was huge. She seemed so nice. It was nice to actually have the feeling of having a mom.
Just until I met her son.
my ex.
Luke Fucking Hemmings.


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9. Luke Freaking Hemmings ~</3

Tiana's POV -


''Luke, show her the house - and her room'' Liz said. Luke nodded and gave me a sign to follow him when he headed for the kitchen. ''This is the kitchen'' he said and looked around. I didn't say anything... I just really wanted to hit him right now. I could already feel how my fists were already tensed up.


Luke walked out again, into another room and continued walking upstairs. He pointed at the first door to his left, ''this is mom and your dads room.'' He pointed to the seconds door, ''This is mine.'' Then he pointed at the third, ''this is yours'' he smiled and opened the door. I hesitated a bit, but then went inside. It was huge. A giant king sized bed was planted in the middle of the room. It looked like one of those luxury rooms at a five star hotel.

''Wow'' I mumbled, ''It's amazing'' I really thought it was amazing. But I wish I didn't have to live here... With Luke.

''Yeah...'' Luke said and I heard him scratch his neck. I didn't want to look at him right now - but I gotta get used to it... Or... I could kill him? seriously.


''You know... Tiana...'' he stopped talking. I turned around and saw his face - filled with mixed emotions. ''I missed you so fucking much'' He whispered and moved closer, ''you have no idea'' he said and hugged me. Hugged me tight, like he used to after school when we finally saw each other again...

I pushed him away. ''nooo no noo...'' I whined, ''you didn't. You have no idea how fucked up I am because of you'' I pointed at him, the anger started boiling. 

''I'm SO sorry for what I did'' he said, ''but I gotta say... You look fucking sexy with that dark hair'' he smirked and put his hands on my waist caressing it gently. I felt weak.

''Stop it'' I said and looked him in the eye, ''stop it right now''

''Why?... Does it...'' He bit his lip, ''turn you on?''

''Fuck you...'' I tried to push him away, but he tightened the grip and moved closer rubbing his crotch against me.

''Yes indeed, fuck me'' his voice was filled with lust, ''or should I say - fuck you?'' he whispered in my ear.

''Can you get-'' I was cut off by a familiar voice,

''Aww you two. Already hugging like real family'' ... It was Liz. Luke turned around and smiled at her. I took my chance and moved away. I was shocked. 

He just acted like I was some fangirl who would suck him off or some shit!


I sat down on my bed and closed my eyes. I heard Liz go down the stairs. I heard footsteps on the way out of the door, and then the door closed gently. I sighed and opened my eyes, looking at my feet. 




I woke up early. I haven't slept one bit. I was so scared that Luke might sneak into my room since he sleeps right next door.

I sat down on the grass in the yard - backyard of course. I didn't want anyone to see me like this.

I took a deep breath and wiped away an escaping tear on my cheek. 


Luke's POV -


There she was sitting, with the sun kissing her cheeks. The wind pushed her hair back, and her flawless face was left uncovered. She looked sad, sitting there all alone. Her eyes were locked to the grass beneath her, and then I noticed the dry tears on her cheek. I went to check on her, and sat down in front of her. I placed my hand on hers in a slow motion. She didn't notice me, and even though she looked up, her eyes were distant. They were a beautiful glowing green color. I caressed her cheeks slightly, it was cold and I suddenly felt frozen, like a piece of ice went shivering though my body. She was pale, in a somehow elegant way.

I'm such an idiot.



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