Too Close - Luke Hemmings 5SOS

"Fuck you".
That was his last words for me.

I'm Tiana.
I'm not an Angel - That's for sure.
My dad got a new girlfriend - we moved to her place. It was huge. She seemed so nice. It was nice to actually have the feeling of having a mom.
Just until I met her son.
my ex.
Luke Fucking Hemmings.


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27. Dumb ~</3

Tiana's POV -


''When are we there?'', I groaned loudly as I opened my eyes from my sleep. I stretched and immediately regretted falling asleep in the car.


''Soon... Did you sleep well?'', J grinned a little.


''Yeah, fine'' I muttered.


''Grumpy...'', he huffed, ''I've always wondered what your name is...'' 


I was confused by the sudden change of the subject, and looked with dead eyes at him,

''I'm not telling you J''


''You look like...'' He scratched his cheek in thought, ''yeah, you look like a Theresa''


I laughed at his guess, and smiled to myself, ''why?''


''It's elegant and edgy, just like you.''


''I'm elegant'', I pointed at my big hoodie.


He just answered with a tiny laugh.


I sighed and leaned towards the door, resting my head on it. It was soon turning dark outside, stars started peeking on the sky. It was this mixture of a light intense blue and a tone darker... Just like Luke's eyes...

I regret it... Having sex with Luke was stupid. Even though he's good at it. 

I let out a small giggle at my thought. J looked curiously at me, ''What is it?''.

''Just a thought'', I smiled.

''Tell me''

''Just sex, that's all.'', I shrugged. I quickly regretted my answer as I felt J's hand stroking my thigh.

''Not now J.'' I bluntly said and removed his hand away from me.


I regret ever agreeing to this.




''So you know what the plan is?'' 

It was all dark now. The wind was whipping around us. I was surrounded by freezing cold.



''Then go''


We started running silently around in the corners of the street. The light's were out in the big detailed house. 

J sneaked up and started cutting the glass without failing. His arm sneaked through the glass and unlocked the door.

He smiled at me and mouthed a 'Women first' 

I mouthed a 'fuck you' in return. I didn't sign up for this shit.


The heat inside the house was comforting, but that was not why we were here...

Everything from detailed paintings and modern art hung on the walls, decorating beautifully, why didn't A wan't us to steal this art instead? It looked expensive.

I walked into what looked like to be the living room. Only silhouettes were visible and I tried not to hit anything and make noise. I walked to the couch planted in the middle of the room and removed the pillows one by one and looked inside every one of them.

A' had told us that there would be a surprise in one of the pillows, but not what was to be found.


My hand suddenly hit something inside, I gasped in surprise and took a hold of that I had hit.

I felt the cold metal radiating onto my hands. My hand started shaking furiously as my heart picked up in pace.

It was hard to keep my breath steady as I held the gun in my hand. I stared at it in confusion and thought. Why would A' want me to have this... This is far from the surprise I had imagined...




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