Too Close - Luke Hemmings 5SOS

"Fuck you".
That was his last words for me.

I'm Tiana.
I'm not an Angel - That's for sure.
My dad got a new girlfriend - we moved to her place. It was huge. She seemed so nice. It was nice to actually have the feeling of having a mom.
Just until I met her son.
my ex.
Luke Fucking Hemmings.


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12. Closer ~<3

Michael's POV -


''I just can't believe it!'' Luke frowned and paced back and forth in front of me and Calum.

''Calm down man'' Calum said nicely, ''just because her friends do it doesn't mean that she does''

He had a point.

''What if she does?!'' Luke yelled and tensed up. He looked furious. 

I moved awkwardly around in the couch. 

''Hey, calm down Luke'' I said and nodded, ''Just ask her?''

Luke stood still for a moment - processing it.

''Do you really think she would be honest if I asked her if she did drugs?'' He said through gritted teeth and moved closer to my face.

''Luke, watch your temper'' Calum said.

Luke quickly walked out of the practice room, ''Don't tell me what to do!'' his voice echoed in the Whole house.

A few seconds later we heard the sound of him smashing things.

He really has an issue when it comes to this girl...



Tiana's POV - 


The sound of glass breaking woke me up. 

I listened for a minute. My heart was pounding - what is going on?!


I ran down the stairs and followed the loud noises.

''What are you doing?!'' I exclaimed when I saw Luke throwing a plate on the floor.

Luke's eyes channeled to me. His eyes were screaming with anger, but his face looked ashamed. 

''I...'' He looked around and tried to relax by taking long breaths, ''I don't know''

''oh... Nice answer Hemmings'' I huffed, ''you are ripping the whole kitchen apart - and you tell me you don't know what you are doing?''

He looked down and lightly kicked a broken piece of plate. Like a little boy getting caught.


Michael and Calum entered the room, they looked surprised at the mess.

I smiled lightly at Michael and he sneakingly returned it.

''I'll help you clean it up buddy'' Calum said and padded Luke's back.

I went up the stairs and into my own room again. 


''What a mess'' I whispered to myself and looked out the window.

I heard a light knock on the door followed by someone entering. I turned around and faced Michael.

''Hi'' he smiled and closed the door behind him.

''Why aren't you helping Cal and Luke?'' I asked and took at step closer to him.

''I thought you needed some company'' he smirked and sat down on my bed.

''Did I need company? Or did you need company?'' I giggled and sat down beside him.


Before he could answer the door slammed open and Luke walked in.

''Are you on drugs?'' He tried to sound calm while catching his breath.

It started bubbling inside me. I felt how my face turned redder and redder

''What are you talking about?'' I stood up, trying to look tough...

''Just answer me. Yes or no?'' he said while tilting his head a bit. 

He really provoked me. And what made him ask so sudden?

''No.'' I said with a big mouth emotion, ''do I need to carve it for you?... No Luke. I am not''

He sighed relieved, ''thank god'' He walked over and hugged me.

unexpected... But I liked it. I liked it a little too much.

Luke is tangling me.




''Come home for dinner'' dad said, ''Liz is cooking tonight'' He winked at me and smiled.

''Promise'' I winked back and ran outside to Luke.

''Sooo... Where are we going?'' I asked and looked at him. His eyes were scanning his phone looking at his texts.

''A surprise'' He smirked. 

''Stop teasing meee! Tell me'' I giggled and nudged his shoulder.

''hmm... Stop teasing you? Or what?'' He laughed sarcastically.

''Or I will...'' I searched for a threat...

I still remember his jealous face when I sat on Michael lap... I am a real mastermind!

''Will what?'' He said

''Or I will fuck Michael Clifford'' I said seductively while winking at him.

Luke ripped his focus away from his phone and looked at me, his face turned slightly red and he was just about to say something when I cut him off. ''- I'm just kidding Luke... Relax'' I said and caressed his arm.

He calmed down and looked away from me, ''Sorry... It's just...''

''It's just nothing Luke. Forget what we had - okay?'' The anger hit me. I was surprised by what I just said.

Luke looked surprised too... Slightly sad.


''We're here'' He said and walked over to an old swing set. 

''Really?'' I laughed at him. What the hell are we doing on an old playground?

I sat down on the swing beside him. We were both swinging slowly back and forth.

''Don't you remember it?'' he asked. I could see the excitement in his eyes - it was shining through them.

''no...'' I admitted... His eyes stopped glowing. He sighed.

''oh...'' it escaped his lips, creating a mark in the air because of the cold weather. Winter is close.

''What am I supposed to remember?'' I asked ashamed... This looked really important for him...

''This is where I asked you to be mine'' 

it hit me right in the memories. 

It was summer, me and Luke had sneaked out at night and met up by the swings.

He pulled me in for a hug and kissed me. My heart was fluttering and my stomach was filled with butterflies. 

''Be mine'' he whispered through the kisses. He stopped kissing me and looked me in the eyes.

''Always'' I answered and placed a kiss on his cheek.


''I remember...'' I whispered loud enough for him to hear it.

''I miss you...'' He stood up and walked up in front of me. He held out his hand and waited for me to grab it.

I stayed silent... I didn't know what to answer him, I just grabbed his hand and got pulled in to a tight hug.

''But I shouldn't'' he mumbled into my neck and kissed it.

''I still hate you'' I whispered while smiling at him a bit. 

The mixture of hatred and love confused me. I wanted to hit him... Hard... With my lips.

Our noses touched. It was nice and quiet around us. The darkness was surrounding the playground. It was getting late.

I closed my eyes and kissed him. Just like the first time.

He kissed me. 

We kissed...


I pulled out and pushed him lightly away, realizing what I just did.

Luke looked puzzled at me and lifted his arms in confusion.

''I can't...'' I shook my head and squeezed my head with my hands by frustration.

''Why?'' Luke begged and looked around.

''Luke... We can't'' I sighed and held a pause, ''We had something... And It was wonderful - no doubt! But I just can't forget how...'' I didn't want to finish the sentence... He knew what I meant. ''And not to mention our parents...''

He looked down, ''you're right... But I can't fucking forget what we had!'' He yelled at me.

I took at step back. Shocked by his sudden outburst.

''You have been haunting me since I left Tiana! U are the only person I have ever had a decent relationship with'' He exclaimed and clenched his fists, ''And I fucked it up...'' He whispered and ran his hands through his hair while looking down.

I felt empty. I had no words to make him feel better.

''Why did you fuck it up then!?'' I scoffed

''I don't fucking know! I thought I could find someone better than you - okay? And when all the girls started screaming my name I changed... I got smug...'' it sounded hard for him to get the words out. He was on the tip of crying.

''Sorry Luke'' I said and pulled him into a warm hug. He tightened his arms around my waist and kissed my forehead.


''Sorry Tiana'' his cracking voice echoed in my head.



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