Too Close - Luke Hemmings 5SOS

"Fuck you".
That was his last words for me.

I'm Tiana.
I'm not an Angel - That's for sure.
My dad got a new girlfriend - we moved to her place. It was huge. She seemed so nice. It was nice to actually have the feeling of having a mom.
Just until I met her son.
my ex.
Luke Fucking Hemmings.


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6. A new fan ~<3

Tiana's POV -


I met this girl yesterday when dad took me to a museum with one of his buisness coworkers. I don't even know the name, but I enjoyed it. Not because of the meaningless art hanging everywhere, but the coworker brought his daughter Merissa. We talked all day. She made me feel like I had a friend...


We agreed on meeting at Starbucks today, so that's where I'm headed.

I opened the door and looked around. ''Tania!'' I looked at the direction of the person yelling my name. And there she was sitting, with her wide loving smile. I headed over and sat down in front of her.

''Your hair looks cute when it's curled'' I complimented and smiled, ''Aww, thanks sweety'' she giggled.

I took my jacket off and placed it on the back of my chair. ''So... When are you leaving?'' She asked and placed a cup of tea in front of me. ''In about 5 hours'' I sighed, ''and thanks for the tea'' I smiled and took a sip. 

''I know it sounds crazy, but I'll miss you'' she looked at me with puppy eyes. I really felt like she was a really close friend. ''You're not crazy! I'll miss you a lot too'' I said and giggled. It's funny. We are the exact opposite of each other. She's loving, kind, very clever, and she's just plain innocent. I'm on the other hand- rude, not that smart, I'm deffinetly not innocent! And I never show people how much I love them nor do I trust anyone really... But Merissa really makes me wanna tell her all about myself.

''We could chat?'' She smiled, ''Do you have twitter?'' I asked. She was about to answer me, but a song started playing in the back, it started with a guitar intro, ''omg, I love this song!'' she squeeled and sang the lyrics,

''Drove by all the places we used to hang out gettin' wasted, thought about our last kiss, how it felt - the way you tasted'' her voice was beautiful, but the lyrics were the ones bothering me. ''It's nice'' I said politely, but I hated that amnesia song. I frequently get tweeted lyrics from the haters where Luke sings 'cause I'm not fine at all.' It's haunting me.

''Do you like 5SOS too?'' great, she sounded like a complete fangirl... ''Nahh... I'' I sighed and paused for a moment, ''I have experienced something personal...'' I finally said and looked down. ''Wait...Have you been one of their one night stands or something?!'' she said shockingly, ''woah! No!'' I stated and widened my eyes, ''phew'' she said and laughed a little, ''that would have been SO unfair! I would be soooo jealous if you really had been their one night stand'' she giggled and looked at me with a flirty look, I was still thinking if I should tell her that I was Luke's ex... But she could be one of my haters... I shouldn't tell her, I don't want her to walk away from me.

''I just had a bad experience at a concert'' I lied, ''aw... I know the feeling'' she took a sip of her tea, ''but I would do anything to see a sweaty Ashton on stage'' she giggled, ''He's very sweet'' I stated.

''Oh by the way. I do have twitter'' she said and pulled up her phone, ''what's your account name? I'll follow you. Then we can DM'' she smiled at me and waited for my answer. Shit... I had to tell her...

''@Tumblr_Tiana'' I answered and waited for her reaction. She looked at me with a suprising look on her face, I couldn't tell if it was good or bad. ''Tumblr Tiana as in Luke's ex?!'' she said loudly, people around us started looking, but she had her eyes locked on me. It felt cold, and my hands started shaking. 'Y... Yes'' I nodded, ''OMG! I can't believe it!'' she smiled wider than I had ever seen, I felt relieved. ''I'm sorry for you'' she placed her hand on mine. ''It's okay'' I fake smiled. ''No no no. I know how hard the fans have been on you! I mean, I once saw some fans write mean comments on this interview about Independence Day I think it was'' She sounded so worried, ''It's fine... I'm over it'' I held the tears away. There. I said it. I'm over it. I'm such a great lair.



I know that a lot didn't happen in this chapter, but I'll be dropping a bomb in the Next chapter :P

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(The picture in this chapter is of Merissa wich in real life is actually my BFF <3 I just changed her name in the Fancintion <3 <3 Lub her so much!)



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