heaven and hell

A Hayes Grier fanfiction about him bulling a girl and in the end the two of them end up having feelings for each other


3. something new

I regretted every single word i just said.I didn't want him or anyone to know why i cut."i never did anything to you",he said.I ignored him not wanting to talk about."Can we please just work on the project?", i told him.While working on our project Hayes would ask me questions about myself or my life. I just nod or gave short answers like 'yes or 'no'. I never noticed how good looking Hayes was. His perfectly almond shaped eyes and how crystal blue they are.I felt something inside of me i never feel before. During the project every now and then he would touch my hand and i got that electric feeling inside of me. It was something new.It was getting late so i decided that Hayes should go."Thats enough for today we could finish the rest sometime this week." i said kinda wanting Hayes to stay. No i told myself i shouldn't be feeling this way for the one who caused me pain throughout my life. He got up and started walking away when turned around and said " I am sorry for anything i did to you" he said. OMG did Hayes just apologised, he never said sorry to anyone before. i swear to God i would have drop dead. I just smiled but in the inside i wanted to explode. Do i have feeling for feelings for Hayes or is my mind playing tricks with me?? When Hayes left i fixed my self a snack and then went straight to bed. I listened to music and drifted to a peaceful sleep, thinking about Hayes. For the first time in a long time i had a peaceful sleep. {A/N} I AM SORRY FOR THE VERY LONG WAIT GUYS I DIDN'T KNOW IF TO CONTINUE WRITING BECAUSE MANY PEOPLE WEREN'T READING IT PLEASE COMMENT ON WHAT YOU THINK I SHOULD DO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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