heaven and hell

A Hayes Grier fanfiction about him bulling a girl and in the end the two of them end up having feelings for each other


2. Project

I got up and head for my first class which was Chemistry. I walked in class and sat down next to my best friend Brent. He was the one who understood me. When I sat next to Brent I realized that Hayes was sitting at the of us with Aaron. He gave me a dead stare. "So what's up Sarah" Brent asked me with a smile on his face. "What's ever new, seeing that asshole face every morning make me wanna kill myself," I said loud enough for Hayes to hear. ''F**k you bitch,'' he said to me but I ignored him. ''Alright class I have your project for you and you are going to work in pairs,'' the teacher said as he walked in the classroom. ''Sarah and Brent, Maria and Emily,  Nia and Emma,..........''.He puts us in pairs for the project and thank god I wasn't stuck with that ass. As I was talking to Aaron about the project I saw Hayes went up and told the teacher something. ''Ok Sarah and Hayes will switch parthners.'' OMFG I can't believe have to work with the person I hates the most. He probably just wants me so I could do all the work and he could an A. He walked over by me and sat down. ''So babe what are we going to do for our project,'' he said smirking. ''Why do you care it's not like you are going to do any work,'' I told him not wanting to look into his eyes. ''Please babe I want to help.'' ''Come by my house around 7:00,'' I told him.[SKIP AFTER SCHOOL] My dad was out like always so I was home all alone. I was changing in my room while listening to music not realizing Hayes was watching me by the door. He cleared his throat and I turned around trying to cover my body. '' Why are you hiding babe you are sexy.'' I was in my bra and underwear so like every other guy he was flirting with me. I took my clothes and ran into the bathroom and put on my clothes. While we (by we I mean me) were working on our project Hayes saw the cuts on my wrist that I would do to myself every time he would cause me pain.'' Why are you doing that to yourself?'' '' Why are you pretending to care, you are the one who caused this to me.''

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