heaven and hell

A Hayes Grier fanfiction about him bulling a girl and in the end the two of them end up having feelings for each other


1. A "pleasant" morning

My life has always  been the same since the "accident" that took place when I was 10 years old. My mom, dad, and two younger sisters(twins) were going on a vacation and while driving we met with an accident. My dad and I were the only ones to survive the accident. Ever since my dad has been drinking or he's never home. I was a loner at school most of the times. I was the smart, goody goody kind of girl, the one who always gets bullied because I am a "nerd". I was bullied by no other than Hayes Grier and his popular crew. Everyday he made my life a living hell. He was type who would hook up with a girl and then break her heart the next day but the girls in my school don't care because Hayes Grier is the hottie of the school. But today was different because I made through the morning without seeing the blue eyed-devil. I was taking out books from my locker for first period when I felt someone hands on my shoulder. When I turned around I saw those ocean blue eyes that tortured me for years. The cuts and scratches on my body are the proof of what Hayes have done to me through out my life. When I turned around he slammed me against the locker sending shivers up my spine and causing me to groan due to the unbearable pain. "Goodmorning beautiful miss me" he said with an evil smirk on his face. "Why would I wanna miss a dick face like you" I said with confidence I never had before. I was not interested in Hayes like all the other girls are which made Hayes miserable. He held my wrist tightly causing my arm to get red. "Babe whats with the attitude?" "Oh please I am not your babe and I will never be." He chuckled evily at my statement and threw me on the ground and walked away.

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