The Heart of A Fae

Galadhwen is an Elven Assassin who doesn't like being double crossed or tricked. She accepts missions that are simple, and easy money. But, with the seemingly easy task of delivering a package is thrown her way, she may have taken on more than she can handle.

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5. Realisation

We made the best of our last days together; we had water fights and laughed and teased each other, acting for the first time in a long time like children. When we finally reached the Mayor's farm house, we looked at each other tentatively. This was it. I looked away from him sadly as we walked passed the guards and to the door of the house.

“So,” he sighed, “This is it.”. He looked at me sadly. I sighed and patted him on the arm.

“I'll visit. I promise,” I smiles, and Lerin nodded. The butler lead us up to his father's office, where he was waiting. He looked happily at me, but distastefully at his son. All of a sudden his gentle, kind features looked bitter and sour to me. He gave his son the once over, immediately noticing the missing chain around his neck which I had swiftly thrown in the undergrowth as soon as I had had the chance to.

“We got into a scare with some Goblin's, and the chain and collar were destroyed,” I said simply. The Mayor nodded.

“I see. Goblin's aren't like the Fae. They're openly nasty and thieving and murderous,” he said simply, but cruelly. I tried not to snarl at him.

“I trust that you delivered the package? And that the Fae behaved himself?” he asked. I nodded, and he smiled.

Lerin was the perfect companion,” I replied, and the Mayor's face darkened a few shades as I used his son's name.

“I'm glad you think so,” he said sourly through gritted teeth. I smiled sweetly, as if I was unaware of everything that was going on.

“You're payment will be waiting for you with the butler,” the Mayor said curtly, “Now get out.” I was shocked by his sudden hostility, as was Lerin.

“I don't want Elven scum in my house,” he hissed, grabbing Lerin's arm and pulling him from my side. I was quickly ushered out by his two body guards, Lerin looking longingly at me as I was dragged away.


I was curtly given my reward and shown rudely off the grounds of the Mayor's house. So, it'd been an act all along. I hissed with distaste. I wasn't going to settle for this! I needed to get Lerin out of here. He didn't deserve to be in a place like this. So I booked a night in a pub which acted as a B and B to earn a little extra income. The villagers reactions to me had completely changed. They spat at me, growled at me, snarled at me (Just like they had with Lerin), they even attempted to chase me with pitchforks before I swiftly disarmed them and scowled off. I tried to make a plan of action. But that was cut short when I was awoken in the middle of the night.


“Galadhwen!” hissed a familiar voice. I immediately opened my eyes and pinned the owner of the voice to the floor by rolling out of my bed, bringing them down with me.

“Jeez!” he whispered, rubbing the pack of his head.

“What're you doing here?!” I hissed, getting off of him. He looked at me and blushed, but kept his eyes level with mine, even though I was just in my nightgown.

“We've done something horrible...Oh Galadhwen...I...That package,” he said with shaken breath, “It was the heart of a Fae!”. The whole world suddenly stopped turning. My breath was shot and sharp. How did I not realise?! I had delivered the heart of a Fae into the forest containing a Fae stronghold...The delivery of a Fae heart to their people was a declaration of war. Again. Another war. More countless lives would be lost, and all because of me.

“How the hell did you find out?!” I asked, exasperated. I helped Lerin to his feet, who, now that I looked at him, was flustered and covered in snow.

“Didn't you hear the protest outside? My dad literally just declared war on the Fae! He's got the village all riled up. They've gotten weapons from somewhere, I'm not sure where, but by the sounds of things my dad's gotten the Blacksmith to forge them for the past seven years in some underground workshop. He's been planing this for seven years and I didn't even know! I knew there was something wrong with that package...I should have stopped you!” Lerin held his head in his hands. I cuffed his head in my hands, and made him look me in the eye.


“He's brainwashed the villagers, Galadhwen! And he's been doing so for seven years! I've figured it out...My heritage...My mother was a Fae, my father's half Fae too! I heard him talking just after you left...He was saying that 'the only good thing the Fae's gave him was the power of persuasion'. He's literally cast a spell on the whole village! You felt it too, right? When you first met him?” Lerin shook me gently. Everything started to make sense. The unnatural behaviour of the villagers was due to them being controlled. And The Mayor...his silky soft voice hadn't been natural fact, it had been quite the opposite. He had convinced me out of any doubts. He had convinced me to not check the package. In any other case, despite the rules, I would've checked what it was! That man used his powers on me! Me! He was going to pay!

“What're we going to do?” he cried, gripping my arms tightly.

“We have a choice,” I said firmly, “Either we stand by and let this war happen, or we do something.”. Lerin nodded for me to continue.

“We need to stop your father,” I said. Lerin's eyes looked suddenly sad.

“Galadhwen,” he said unwaveringly, “My father's spell has went on for that's permanent. Even if we...even if we killed my father the villagers would still wage war. We need to kill them. We need to kill them all!”. Tears suddenly began streaming down his face. Everything he knew was falling to pieces in front of him. The choice needed to be his.

“So, what do you want to do?” I asked, rubbing his arm. Lerin studied my face hard for a few moments, then nodded.

“We need to kill them. There's no stopping them, we can't restrain them, and even if we did, the Fae would reach the village before us and do much worse. The war would be real then. We need to kill them ourselves, and then reach the Fae and explain what's happened. We need to stop this war!” tears streamed down his face. I nodded.

“As you wish,”I said solemnly. Lerin wiped his eyes, looking around the room.

“I need you to create a distraction for me. I'll get dressed and get my things, then I'll sort everything out,” I said monotonously, “I'll make it quick.”. Lerin smiled sadly at me.

“Thank you,” were his last words before he jumped out of the window to the street bellow, where he started yelling and screaming. I only had a little bit of time. I threw on my full body armour suit; it was slick and black and made of Elven materials that could deflect bullets from a musket. I armed myself, then looked out of the window, taking in the scene. It was dark outside, the snow falling gently. A far too docile scene for what was happening. A hoard of townsfolk were screaming and yelling at Lerin, who was being held by his father, who looked malicious, like he was about to do something unspeakable. There was no time to wait. I jumped out of the window and prepared for the end.


I shot as fast as lightning, as quiet as a shadow, immediately taking out row of zombie-like villagers. A shower of blood stained the white snow bellow our feet. I heard people scream, and Lerin yell something along the lines of 'Hurry!'. I did as he wished. I surged forward towards him, where his father quickly dropped Lerin and ran as fast as he could. The Mayor had brought forth the anger of a demon. And he was about to regret it. I took out a huge chunk of the villagers with ease, making their deaths quick and painless. I saw the shock in Lerin's eyes as I approached him, rage taking over me completely.

“Galadh-” he couldn't continue as I knocked him out with the hilt of my sword. I didn't want him seeing this. He'd been though enough already. Then, the hunt truly began. I shot through houses like a bolt of fire, killing the inhabitants inside. I did so in such a fashion that they didn't even know they had just had their throats slit until they collapsed dead on the floor. Even the children had to die. They were the worst affected by the spell, as it wasn't just the Mayor whispering lies to them, but their parents. I made sure they didn't know what hit them. People retaliated, of course. I got a chair thrown at my head by an old man. A house wife threw meat cleaver in my shoulder. An ex-soldier stabbed a bayonet in my ankle. But I still surged forwards.


The last house I reached was the Mayors. His bodyguards were already waiting for me. They charged; steadily navigating the icy paths. These guys were professionals. I ducked one blow and kicked upwards at the other, blood flowing like a river from his nose. The other guard grabbed me from behind, restraining my arms, but I kicked upwards, straight into his face. Elves were extremely flexible. The other guard made an appearance, apparently enraged by his broken nose. He swung at me so fast I didn't see it coming, he hit me square in the shoulder, sending me flying backwards into the guard who I had, by the looks of things, blinded. He slipped backwards, and provided for a nice cushion. I managed to move out of the way just in time as Mr Angry punched down at me, instead hitting his friend straight in the groin. His friend yelled and I soon put him out of his misery with a quick throwing knife to the throat. I ignored his choking refocused on Mr Angry. He screamed in rage and charged at me. I laughed. You shouldn't let your rage blind you. You need to tame your rage, and make it an extension of your soul; a sacrifice someone in my line of work has to make. He didn't even see me stab him straight in his chest cavity until he registered the pain and looked down. I removed my blade and then turned straight to the house. The Mayor's death wouldn't be as painless.


I surged up the stairs to find the Mayor fumbling through his draws.

“Damn it! They were meant to-”

“Kill me?” I laughed, my eyes glinting darkly in the dim light. The Mayor backed up, his back pressed firmly against the wall behind him.

“Y-you're a demon! You're a monster!” he cried, pulling out a Stanley knife from his pocket and waving it in my general direction. I smirked. How pathetic. I walked forward my twin blades drawn and looking as deadly as usual. He was going to pay. I let my rage emerge and I channelled it, letting my emotions consume me completely.

“I am no demon. I am Galadhwen, the heir of the Dracoseir clan, daughter of Hades and Adilya Dracoseir. I am no monster. I am Hades Angel!” I screamed. Then all hell broke loose. Literally. I let the shadows wrap around be, and my blades be consumed in the back flames that my clan's banner bares so proudly. We are the most feared Elves in the whole of this pathetic world. We were sent here for justice. We were sent here to be the literal repentant for the beings on this planet. We are Death. Then, I gave the Mayor the ultimate punishment; I banished him to Hell. I heard him scream as he tried to fight the flames that consumed him, but it was no good. No one escapes Hell fire. No one escapes me. I watched silently as I saw a once lovely man shed his living form and disintegrate in to ashes. He would have a lovely time in Hell. I suddenly felt my knees buckle beneath me, and I leant on the the table for support. Damn, I had overdone it again. I gave myself a few minutes to gain my strength, then went down to the town square to find Lerin. I hadn't used that power in a long time. I hope Lerin hadn't seen wat I did.


I stood there, looking at the carnage I had left in my wake. Dead bodies were piled on top of one another, all of them had been trying to flee from me. I sighed, removing my silver headpiece; the heirloom of my clan. I wiped the blood off it, and them placed it back upon my head. What a mess; and Lerin was no where to be seen.

“So, we really went though with it,” said Lerin from behind me. I near jumped out of my skin, and in one swift motion I turned, throwing a dagger that pinned the owner of the voice to the side of a house. Lerin whimpered quietly, but kept his calm. I sighed.

“You're still following me? One of these days, I might actually kill you,” I rolled my eyes trying to hide my excitement to see that he was alive and mostly unharmed. I walking over to him.

“I look forward to seeing you try. I know you can't resist my company,” he smirked, knowing that I'd never hurt him.

“Watch your tongue, Echil,” I laughed as I pulled the dagger out of the house, and his shirt collar.

“How many times do I have to tell you, my name's not Echil, it's Lerin! And I am far from a human,” he laughed, rubbing his shoulder, “If you continue, I'll start calling you Eledhwen.” His smirk widened as I shot playful daggers at him with my eyes.

“I will be known to you as Galadhwen; nothing more, and nothing less,” I sighed. He gave me the once over, grimacing at some of my wounds.


“Before you ask, I got smacked by a chair, a cleaver thrown at my shoulder, a bayonet in my ankle and had a nasty run in with the guards of the Mayor. I've had worse,” I winced as I recalling all of the injuries I had received.

“Well it's a good job I'm a natural born healer, isn't it?” he sighed, shaking his head at me like you would at a naughty child. Yet another Fae talent he had failed to tell me about until the last minute.

Even though Lerin smiled cheekily, his eyes lingered on the chaos around me, and colour drained from his face as he focused on the faces of the dead.

“Don't look at them for too long,” I said, and Lerin obeyed. He looked straight at me, his bright silver eyes reflecting the snow beautifully; and we stared at each other for a while. As Lerin's eyes drifted back to the bodies, he gulped. I bet he was glad he didn't have to see what happened.

“They can't hurt you any more. You don't have to live in fear now,” I smiled, putting my hand on his shoulder. He placed his hand on mine, looking up at my face. His eyes glinted slightly with tears, but he held them back.


“We should stick together,” he said simply, “That way no one can mistreat either of us.” I nodded in agreement, squeezing his hand in return.

“Don't worry, I'm not letting you out of my sight,” I said, punching him gently in the arm. He smiled.

“Let's go,” he said rubbing his head, “We don't want to get caught.”

“We? You didn't do anything,” I laughed, beginning to walk away. He mocked me behind my back and met with my pace.

“I was an amazing distraction, thank you very much,” he grinned, our eyes meeting, then immediately looking away. We walked the rest of the way in silence. As we reached the outskirts of the town, Lerin looked back.

“It's time to let it go,” he sighed. I expected him to say something really meaningful and pure, especially after all he'd been though in this wretched place. But instead, he put his finger up to the village, yelled a profound amount of choice language, and boldly marched away, not waiting for me to catch up. I shook my head and laughed. I was so glad I met him. I was so glad that we, together had sorted this problem out. But it wasn't over. There was still a war on the horizon. We still needed to reach the Fae stronghold and explain what happened. We needed to, as stereotypical as it sounds, save the world.

“You know what we have to do next,” Lerin sighed. I nodded.

“At least we have each other to rely on,” I smiled, and Lerin nodded.

“We can do this. We have to do this,” he nodded determinedly. He took my hand tightly and walked forwards. We needed to hurry. There was no time to lose.

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