Broken Hearts - Harry Styles

''You're the kind of girl people read books about'' he said with his thick British accent
She smiled at the compliment ''how come?'', she asked.
''You seem too perfect''


She did not need much, wanted very little.



Hi guys! I have some good news I guess! ~<3


One of my very sweet readers ( Nowhere Girl ) asked me if I had a Kik, so we could chat!


I came up with this idea to just make a Kik for my acc, so all of you would be able to chat with me! 

I dunno...? x'D We could chat about fanfics, celeb crushes, life.? deep stuff x'D <333 

SO! I did it

My kik is :





It would be great to get to talk to some of you <3 

I'm not a creep by the way. I'm 15, a girl ( surprise! ) <3 

Feel free to say hi! <3


If you don't know what kik is:

An app for your phone where you simply just chat with people ~<3

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