Broken Hearts - Harry Styles

''You're the kind of girl people read books about'' he said with his thick British accent
She smiled at the compliment ''how come?'', she asked.
''You seem too perfect''


She did not need much, wanted very little.


7. 6. Hello

Nathalia Grace's POV -


''Hello, this is Nathalia.'', I said into the phone, ''Oh, hi mother.''

She started talking, but I unfortunately didn't pay attention because of harry. There he was standing in my kitchen in his tight jeans without a shirt. His muscles moved underneath his tan skin and made it hard for me to concentrate. He finished washing the dishes from our lunch and took a towel and dried them. He swung the towel onto his shoulder and turned around and caught me looking. I kept eye contact and grinned lightly with him, I felt my cheeks heat. 


''Nathalia? I'll be over in a minute.'', I heard a faint voice say and I realized that I still was on the phone with my mother, 

''No mother-'', She cut me off by hanging up the phone and I sent Harry a worried look.


''What? Is everything okay?'', He said and with only a few steps he was right in front of me with his hands on my sides,

''Yeah, uhm... My mother will be over soon.''

''ah okay, I thought she got hurt or something'', He let out a long breath saying so.


I was in awe of his reaction, in the beginning he seemed like such a stuck up person that wouldn't leave me be - now I'm starting to notice how caring he actually is. He slung his strong arms around me and squished my cheeks,

''Do you wan't me to leave?'', He asked softly. How could I ever say no to such a sweetheart,

''No, just stay, my mom thinks we are dating either way.''

He smiled at me and placed a small kiss on my nose, ''I should get dressed, we don't want your mom to be drooling.''

I laughed at his cockiness and playfully hit his arm, he looked at me in pure shock, and as he headed for the bedroom he said, ''You are violating me, woman - That is domestic violence right there!''

I couldn't help but laugh even harder, ''Don't get too fancy with your words, Styles.''


I got ready and looked decent, as well as Harry - he looked way more than decent to me.

Keys rattled outside my door and seconds after my mother barged through the door, she pulled her skirt down a bit as she went into the kitchen and fetched red wine.

Harry and I sat in the living room with a glass of wine ourselves, and my mom looked rather surprised when she noticed us, 

''Oh hello darling, didn't think he would be joining us.'', She said with some kind of uneasy tone referring to Harry as she sat down beside me, Harry sat across from us and smiled, ''Nice to meet you again Mrs. Kassman.'', I'm glad he kept being polite after such a harsh comment.

''He just came by and invited me to lunch, I didn't think of it as a problem.'', I said and looked at my mothers reaction, Harry's as well, 

''Yeah, I thought we could go on that new restaurant downtown.'', He added and winked at me without my mother seeing, 

''How kind of you, Harry,'', She said and sipped on her wine and turned to me once again, ''I just wanted to ask you if read the new book properly. Yes I had read it and I wasn't surprised.


''Yes I have, but about Amazing Grace- how can she win all those medals.'', I said and became irritated. 

''You wen't to horseback riding yourself, so we thought it would be a great story, don't be silly, Darling.'', She said with a bright smile. Harry seemed uneasy as he felt the tension that was building,

''I fell off the horse ten times and stopped attending after the first lesson, mother.'', said as calm as I could.

''Yes, but we sparkled up the story just a bit, people don't want to read about failures.'' 


I was done. This conversation was so much deeper than it seemed and I couldn't take it anymore. My eyes caught Harry's and I signaled him to say something to save me from this witch. He pulled up his phone and looked at the time, ''I think we got to go, I made a reservation and we don't have much time left, I'm sorry Mrs. Kassman.''

This man was my lifesaver.




''What a hassle...'', I said and hid my face in my hands, 

''Don't worry about it, baby, relax-'', He said and smiled at me, ''The frown you make when you're frustrated does not suit you.'' 

I was honestly kinda startled, how could he said something like that when he knows how I am feeling right now.

''Shut up, Styles.'', I snapped and placed the fork between my teeth and chewed on my delicious beef.

''I'm just saying, I still think you are beautiful though.''

I eyed him playfully and couldn't help but crack a smile, ''I was just about to jump you.'' I warned.

''You can do that anytime you want, baby.'', He smirked with luring eyes, I giggled lightly, 

''Not like that Harry- you wish.''

''It wasn't me that wen't with the whole 'Daddy' thing, darling.'', He teased,

My eyes widened as I felt tingles in my body spreading fast, ''Shh Styles, Quiet down!'', the words came hissing out of me in a hurry.

''As you wish, babygirl.''




I never thought he would actually stay... It's been 2 weeks since that day on the café.

Things so far had been working out great, Harry had been taking me out every now and then, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea - whatever excuse that boy could find to keep me company.

It was lovely, he was lovely. 


He became a bandage for me, a painkiller. I slowly got addicted. He healed my open wounds with his big personality. That's one thing I had picked up the past weeks. Every time Harry entered a room every eye would land on his big smile. He would politely shake everyone's hand and have a little small talk, he's kind like that. 

All I wondered was - why would such a big heart ever be interested in my locked up one.




I'M SORRY. I know. I'm on a boarding school and I honestly have no time to write... 

I'm trying now. I miss writing a lot because I'm having a really bad time... I don't know how else to say it, besides that writing makes me happy - and all the days I haven't been writing has been kinda horrible at some point...


I hope you still read this shit..


-Lub you ~<3 xxx


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