Broken Hearts - Harry Styles

''You're the kind of girl people read books about'' he said with his thick British accent
She smiled at the compliment ''how come?'', she asked.
''You seem too perfect''


She did not need much, wanted very little.


6. 5. Staying


Nathalia Grace's POV -


''What do you do?''


''hm?'', he hummed and lifted his eyes to mine. His beautiful emerald eyes staring into mine.


''What do you do, Styles?'', I asked again.


''Oh'', His eyes lighted up in realisation, ''I'm a stripper'', he smirked.


My eyebrows rose higher than I knew they could. ''What.'' I exclaimed.

He grinned and kept the eye contact confidently. 


''Uhm... I knew you were alluring, but not to that extent.'' I coughed awkwardly at the thought of Harry stripping.


Suddenly he laughed loudly and I sent his a questionably look.

''I was fucking with you'', he grinned after his suddenly outbreak in laughter.

I let out my breath and my body relaxed. 

''That's Ludicrous! It would not be comforting for my career if I had slept with a stripper...'', I sighed and looked at his grinning face.

''Stop with all the smart words young lady, I don't understand them.''

I grinned lightly at what he had just admitted. 

''That's an egregious argument, you might be winsome, but you language is lackadaisical.'', I mocked by using my big words.

His face turned blank in realization at what I was doing. I bit my lip playfully and took a sip of you juice.

''What does winsome mean? It better be good.'', He pointed a finger at me.

I shrugged lightly even though I knew what it meant.


''Google it.'', I answered shortly after.


He smiled with his teeth at me and crossed his arms, ''I'm a teacher, or well - nearly''


''Really?'', surprised by this news... Such a cocky young man being a teacher + all of the girls would be intrigued by his looks and probably drool through class.


''Yeah'', His smile was evident on his lips. 

''You are not going to teach any of those kids anything 'Mr. Styles'.'', I laughed.

His brows pulled to the center of his sculpted face.

''What?'', His voice turning deep and strong as he asked. I could see the unpleasant look on his face.

''They'll all be blinded by your looks'', I pointed out, his face immediately softening.

He smirked at my statement, ''I'll be the hottest teacher ever.''

''Now don't sprinkle glitter onto the cake, Styles''

''what?'', again confused at my saying.

I sighed, ''Or else you won't be able to eat it.'', I eyed him.

''If you don't start to speak as a decent person, I'll never understand what you are saying'', He mocked.

''You won't understand me anyway Styles, I'm a woman.''

He squinted his eyes in thought, after a minute of looking at the busy morning outside he suddenly turned his gaze to me,






There will be a new chapter soon <3 


Sorry for leaving you hanging. I promise there will be smut soon too, Cus you know... I skipped it the first time x'D <3


Lub u~<3 

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