Broken Hearts - Harry Styles

''You're the kind of girl people read books about'' he said with his thick British accent
She smiled at the compliment ''how come?'', she asked.
''You seem too perfect''


She did not need much, wanted very little.


4. 4. Morning

Cyndel's POV -


I woke up with this really warm feeling in my body. Oh wait... Not only in my body. I noticed muscular arm was wrapped around my waist. I started feeling slighty dizzy as I looked around. 


I lifted his arm off my body and sat on the edge of the bed. He hummed lightly in response and breathed a tiny ''Morning.''


''Good morning Styles''

I picked up an over sized t-shirt from the floor and walked out to the kitchen. I immediately picked up two painkillers and a glass of water.


I looked out of the window, watching the city wake up with the singing birds flying around.


''Can I have some?'', His British accent cut through the peaceful silence.


''In the cabinet'', I said without looking away from the window.

It was quiet for a moment as I suddenly felt a pair of hands on my hips.


''I wasn't talking about the pills.'', he breathed and leaned in to kiss my neck.


''Hand's off Styles. You already had some'' 

I must admit it was hard to resist when I turned around and met his gaze.

He was only wearing his boxers. I took a deep breath to not seem overwhelmed by his looks.

He had a cheeky grin planted on his lips. He knew...


''I did?'' he lifted his eyebrows.


I huffed with a smile. My hand ran slowly down his toned stomach.

His hands started rubbing in circles on my hips as he leaned his head closer to mine.

I opened my mouth to protest, but that didn't seem necessary when he just planted an innocent kiss on my forehead.


He turned towards the kitchen and left me confused,

''So!'', He breathed and leaned against the counter.

I took a sip of my water and admired him from afar. His curls had their own life, but it actually made him seem a lot cuter. Instead of that intimidating man I had met yesterday.


''Quite a while you say?'' He grinned.


''What?'', I had no idea what he was talking about.


''We've dated for quite a while.''

That got me even more confused. We met yesterday.

''That's what you told your mom,'' he reminded me.


Ah... Now I get it.


''My mother'' I corrected him, I never used the word 'mom'. It was considered disrespectful in my family.


''Well.'', He grinned, ''That means that I can't just leave you''


I walked towards him and placed my glass on the counter.

''Why not?'' I questioned


''Then your mom...- Sorry- Mother will think I'm a complete douche bag''

I giggled lightly, even the most unintelligent words sounded smart in his voice.


''Isn't that what you are?'' I grinned and walked playfully towards him.


He grabbed my hips and pulled me into his arms. I could feel his warm breath on my should as spoke,

''You think so?''


I could hear some kind of sadness in his tone and immediately regretted saying what I had said.


''No of course not, Styles'' I lifted my head and looked into his emerald green eyes.

''I must admit - I thought so when I first met you,'' I grinned lightly.


A smile played on his lips, ''at least you thought I was a hot douche'', he smirked.


I opened my mouth to protest, but was silenced by Styles crashing his lips to mine.




I ove you guys a freaking long chapter... I suck at this whole writer thing... :c <3 <3 


Lub u~~~<3





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