Broken Hearts - Harry Styles

''You're the kind of girl people read books about'' he said with his thick British accent
She smiled at the compliment ''how come?'', she asked.
''You seem too perfect''


She did not need much, wanted very little.


3. 3. Kassman

No one's POV -


''So... Nathalia Grace Kassman'' he said tasting her name.

''Yes?'', She asked while greeting one of the guests.

''Nothing. It's just a beautiful name for a magnificent woman'', he winked at her as she turned her face to him.

''Thanks Styles'', she nodded and signed the book in front of her.

''No compliment for me? I see'', he lightly huffed and searched around for something to drink.

The huge hall was filled with people walking around in their expensive dresses and suits. 


As he came back and handed Nathalia a light pink drink she giggled, ''I don't drink''

Harry slowly nodded, ''Cheers'' he grinned, ''Your first drink''

She couldn't help but smile and take a sip of the bubbling drink.


Nathalia Grace's POV - 


I signed a couple of books more and continued greeting everyone at the event. I've done this every time my parent's published a new book, and to be honest it's not my favorite thing to do...

It was getting late. 

Harry and I were standing on the rainy streets of London.


''I'll walk you home'', He said and held out his hand.

''Thanks Styles - but I can walk home myself'' 

''Come on. I just want you to come home in one piece'' His eyes were glistering in the dark. I could feel the warmth of his smile. His curls were pulled back dripping from the rain. He was steaming sex. I lightly bit my lip and reached out for his hand.


We arrived at my apartment and I unlocked the front door on my way up the stairs.


''Can I come with you, love?'' I heard his voice behind me as the door closed.

''Of course'' I nodded and started walking up the stairs again. I could feel his eyes planted on me as he walked behind me. It made me feel small tingles in my body. I smiled as I stepped into my apartment.

The smell of home overwhelmed me and I felt rather relaxed. It was warm as I stepped into my living room. Harry sat down on the white leather couch and looked around.

''It's cozy'', he smirked ''feels like home''

''Thanks'', I smiled ''wan't anything to drink?''

I said and walked into the kitchen witch was connected to the living room.

He put a finger on his lips and thought for a moment. I can assure u I could kiss those wonderful lips of his!

''Do you have any wine?'' He asked with a slight smirk on his lips. He leaned forward on the couch placing his elbows on his legs exposing a glimpse of his tattoos. 

''Surprisingly- I do'' even though I don't drink I still have expensive wine for my guests.

I handed him the glass of wine.

''I thought you didn't drink?'', he said as he sipped his wine

''It's a special occasion'' I smirked and took a sip of my own glass. I enjoyed the taste. 

Harry sent me a flirtatious smile and held up his glass and nodded -cheers-




I walked into the kitchen and placed the empty glass bottle beside the sink. I felt a bit lightheaded from the wine.

I smiled at harry and he walked towards me and placed his arms around my waist pulling me closer to his body. I felt his breath on my shoulders sending a tingling sensation down my back. I felt his chest move up and down from every breath. His strong arms held me tightly making it unable for me to move. But I didn't want to move. I enjoyed the moment. I enjoyed the feeling of his messy curls and breath against me. I enjoyed the way he held me so tight like he didn't want to loose me. I enjoyed him.


He started placing small kisses on my shoulder and up my neck. I turned my head towards his and turned around. I caught his eyes getting darker and he slowly moved his hands lower and pushing me closer to him to feel his size against me. I placed my arms around his neck and played with his curls moving my lips closer to his.

In a quick move he turned to the side still holding me tightly and pushed me up against the wall. He crashed his lips on to mine. The sweet taste of wine mixed with his roamed my mouth. He started grinding slowly against me putting a hard pressure towards my parts. A moan escaped my lips.

''You're so fucking perfect'', he grinned cheekily


Harry's POV -


''Please Harry'' the words left her delicate lips in a soft moan. She turned me on so bad. I couldn't stop myself. She seemed to controlled and a real perfectionist - but under my touch she couldn't control anything.


I picked her up and walked towards the leather couch and threw her on it. I quickly threw off my shirt and hovered over her. I started slowly grinding her as I unzipped her dress that I had wanted off of her willowy body since I saw her in that cafe. I was shocked when I felt her small delicate hands unbutton my tight jeans. Her eyes watched me through her long eyelashes that framed her so perfect hazel eyes. A slight curve was placed on her lips as she held eye contact with me while seductively running her fingers on the edge of my briefs. I bit my lip.

I so badly wanted to fuck her senseless.  


''What do you want me to do?'' I asked and ran my hands down the inside of her thighs unsure of how experienced she is.

She let her finger run over her lips and bit it lightly, -oh my god this girl is going to be the death of me.

''I want you to fuck me'', she seductively whispered with a tantalizing voice.

I was surprised by her use of dirty words,

''Daddy'', her luscious husky voice paralyzed me. It tingled inside me. This girl truly surprised me every second I spent with her. It made me want her even more.



Sorry for ending it here <3

-Well not rlly ;) <3


~Lub u <3 

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