Broken Hearts - Harry Styles

''You're the kind of girl people read books about'' he said with his thick British accent
She smiled at the compliment ''how come?'', she asked.
''You seem too perfect''


She did not need much, wanted very little.


2. 2. Intertwine

Harry's POV -


As I had somehow convinced her to take me with her to her event I looked at her walking in front of me.

Her delicate hands swung confidently back and forth in controlled movement. Her creamy coat waved beautifully behind her.

Her way of dressing made her appear rather formal - lady like.


''Where are we headed?'' I asked and walked up beside her.

''A dinner to advertise the new book'' once again her posh accent made me smile.

''Who's the publisher again?'' I said and tried to make eye contact with her beautiful hazel eyes.


Nathalia Grace's POV -


His emerald green eyes pierced through mine with his eyebrows slightly channeled to the center of his marvelous face.

His strong jawline framed his manly face that was softened out by his messy curls that he so often ran his hand through. His heart shaped pink lips curved slightly as he asked me who the publisher was.


''My parents'' 

His eyebrows lifted slightly and made his face seem softer.

''So you are for a fact Amazing Grace'' he grinned 

''Why thank you Styles'' I said while giving him a slow nod.

He turned his attention the the shops in front of us as we walked down the street. 

To say he was attractive would be an understatement. His long dark lashes framed his captivating green eyes. His lips slightly parted as we walked further. His strong, prominent jawline clenched tightly as we walked towards the old detailed building where the dinner was held.


''I might not be dressed formal enough'' he said.

I looked at his tight black jeans. I didn't like them - but he made them seem more formal with his nice black leather shoes. I noticed a silver necklace hanging behind his black t-shirt as he took off his long coat. I moved a step closer and curiously pulled it up and laid it carefully on the outside of his shirt. A simple cross was hanging around his neck. I smiled lightly. 


''It's nice'' I said and looked up at his glistering eyes.

He moved himself a bit closer to me. I could feel his breath on me as we held the eye contact. I could feel how his eyes pulled me in, closer and closer.


''Nathalia'' I heard my mothers voice and turned away from Harry.

''Mother'' I smiled and walked casually to her signaling Harry to follow me.

I hugged her and introduced Harry, who seemed pretty nervous.

''This is Harry Styles'' I said and sent him a smile. 


I still found it odd that he was so interested in coming with me to the event. But it made me rather curious. His whole personality seemed like a puzzle to me. His mysterious way of looking at me, the way he seemed to be thinking deep thoughts all the time - processing every detail he came across. 

He was a new mystery to solve.


''Nice to meet you Harry'' my mother politely said and sent me a insecure smile, witch made my mood drop a little.

''I'm Mrs. Kassman'' she continued.

''Nice to meet you too Mrs. Kassman'' Harry said in a deep British accent witch sent a shiver down my spine. His voice was rough in a nice soothing way.

My mom looked impressed at me by his accent.

''What brings you here? I didn't have a clue that my daughter was bringing a companion'' my mother kept her polite smile on her lips.

''She simply asked me to come with her'' Harry said and sent me a smirk. I looked puzzled at him, I never asked him to come with me. He begged me.

My mom looked at me waiting for an answer. Great. I had to lie...

''Yes, I thought it would be nice...'' I didn't know what else to say, I tried to look for an excuse, but before I even started thinking of one my mom asked shocked

''Are you in a relationship?''

I looked at Harry for a moment.

''No mother. Not officially. We have been seeing each other for quite a while now'' I said, sounding more calm that I had expected.

Harry sent me a cheeky grin and reached out for my hand.

I felt his big strong hands intertwine with mine. I was bubbling on the inside, my heart was racing - but I controlled myself on the outside and remained natural.



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