Not just a fairy tail

Sorry if the first chap is short I just need to get into the story :3 <3 you guys


3. Kyle"s acting weird and Halloween dance

The school dance is tonight who are you going with Jaine? Amy asked me I told her that I was going with them for my first year then we Heard yelling it sounded like Kyle and Jen. We ran to the Sean only Kyle was There. What happened I asked him Kyle turned to me and his sad eyes told me everything then the bell rung it was math so I walked Kyle to our class and we sat down we were being put in pairs I was still with Kyle but he's cute I should ask him then he turned to me and asked me do you have a date to the dance tonight? I told him no.. Why not he asked I told him that I'm the new girl no one likes me. Kyle hugged me tight and told me I was beautiful. It was a soft warm then he kissed me. The bell rung as his soft lips were touching my neck and check. He stud up and walked off like Nothing happened.


Just before school I thought I would Brake up with Jen so I walked to her locker and waited then she showed up and started yelling at me for laughing with Jaine I told her I can have other girls as friends and that we were over. She then slapped me and left. Amy Madison and Jaine ran over to me Jaine asked me what happened I said nuthing she walked me to class and we sat down it was an awkword silents I broke it by asking her if she had a date to the dance she said no and I asked why Jaine told me she was the new girl and that no one liked her.i told her she was beautiful then kissed her neck and check.she had this blank expression on her face that I couldn't help but smile at. After the bell rung I got up and walked off to lunch.


I walked off to lunch and seen Kyle hanging out at a table with Amy and Madison Kyle looked at me shyly and continued eating his Apple I walked towards the table but got tripped by Jen and her new boyfriend I got up I had Apple sauce and mash potato on my face but I did not care. I got up got my mash potatoes and put it all on her face.then walked off to the table. The 2 girls and Kyle looked at me amazed. I sat down and the for of us laughed Kyle was sitting beside me he picked some of the potatoes off my face and ate it.



I woke up and put on my Guns n roses shirt that was white it was getting small. And it had Purple dye all over it from that night when she dyed it. Jaine ran to the washroom to Pit on her Colored contacts and makeup then she brushed her hair and left.

She got on the bus and spotted kyle the boy she loved so much he finally realized she was on the bus and yelled at her to sit with him.I sat down and read my book he was really close to me it felt like magic I started to snuggle up to him then we both finally realized we were so close I blushed and he just stared at me like I I had something on my face. Do I have anything on my face I asked.

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