Not just a fairy tail

Sorry if the first chap is short I just need to get into the story :3 <3 you guys


1. First day of high school

Hello my name is Jaine avistar.i am in 9th grade in mayfield high just An average teenage girl I love make-up dresses shoes....boys I have just moved here from Canada because my mom got a new job at a vary experienced coffee shop called Madison's fabulous coffee and tea hangout. It's my first day at mayfield high and I'm at lunch I have 5 friends for girls and one boy his name is Kyle I really like him and we all get along


Hello my name is Kyle foster I'm in 9th grade in mayfield high I moved here 5 years ago in 4th grade. I have 5 girls as friend including a New girl named Jaine Avistar. And Madison amy and Jen my former girlfriend. I think I'm going to brake up with her she's cheating on me with 3 other boys and as a popular boy I have other girls on me I should be able to find a new one I have one in mind. Her name is Jaine the new girl.i walked in to class and I seen the beautiful purple haired beauty right beside his desk.


I was in class and guess who walks in Kyle half an hour late Mr.Lanelise told him angerly. He was staring at me I could feel it. Just as I turn to see if he was walking to his desk he's beside me. I screamed a bit just loud enough to scare him we both laugh. Jen stares at me angrily. Her eyes telling me don't talk to him don't laugh with him don't Touch him don't kiss him don't interact with him.kyle just glared back at her then looked at me and and smiled shyly at me it was hour went by and class was over.


I ran to my desk Jaine looked over and screemed at me witch scared me.after we were done we started laughing I felt a cold angry wave approach me it was a glare the glare of Jen so o glared back at her with eyes that said i can play that game to after I did that I looked back at Jaine and I smiled at her shyly. She just looked in my eyes it felt like forever timeless then class ended.

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