The love between us

Harry was a normal 16 year old teenage guy when he auditioned for the x-factor. Louis wasn't like any other guy he was well…………… you know gay but he auditioned for the x-factor anyway.


1. The beginning


(Harry's p.o.v)

Hello I am Harry styles and I never thought I would make it to this point of my life where I have all the fame i could want but life isn't about fame or money it's about love, friends, family, happiness, and I have everything I could want but………………… the only thing I want is to be happy with the person I love but that is impossible and I know that. Life has given me very valuable lessons one in particular that I'll never forget. If I could have whatever I want I would choose love family health and happiness. Why not fame you ask well because if I have fame that would mean that I can't be happy with the one person I love. But we would like you to know our story. Oh what do I mean by we well I mean me and my love. 

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