This is my anorexia story and how it's effected me.Also how to feel better about yourself.I know it's not fanfiction but it may help those of you people who look in the mirror and don't see themselves anymore.All of this is true to me and a lot of other teens.


1. The beginning

Let's do this the normal way then...

Hi my name is Lauren and I am anorexic.

I was never a big eater.I was never a popular girl.I was never that happy with the way I looked. I was always getting from family and friends "Lauren your figure is perfect" or "you could be a model" but I never thought anything of it.

13th of September 2009-I went to school and it was the day I was waiting on for the past two years...Gymnastics try outs.I was bendy and really small so in my opinion I could of been perfect for the team.I went with my friend Orla.We sat on the bench waiting to show what we had.I seen other girls looking distraught.I was terrified but I knew I had it,I had went over my routine at least 100 times I was ready.After I had done my routine I was so happy I landed every jump.I managed a double backflip which wasn't planned.Nicole the girl who was 3 years older than me who was in charge of the team called me aside and asked me my weight.I knew I was a bit heavier than the rest of them but talent wise I was just as good.So I told her she kind off smirked at me and then told me that to be in the team I had to lose weight.I was so upset.Thats when it started

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