This is my anorexia story and how it's effected me.Also how to feel better about yourself.I know it's not fanfiction but it may help those of you people who look in the mirror and don't see themselves anymore.All of this is true to me and a lot of other teens.


2. Damaged

From that day on I changed.I grew up in a house that in my opinion was too big with a family too small.My mum and dad got divorced when I was 3 it was my brother,my mum and I.When I was 7 my mum remarried to a man who really didn't like me or my brother.Back then I never realised that I existed to my family.I felt like they didn't care.

After the day I got told I had to lose weight I was devastated.I knew I had to make a change.I started of simple,more fruit and veg,exercise,I changed my sleeping pattern.I was losing weight but I never realised.I then started reading online about good diets and I came across the water diet so I started that.I stayed on it for 6 weeks before I had the urge to eat one McDonalds chicken nugget...I thought I had failed myself because I was doing good.I mean I was getting weak but I noticed a difference in me.I thought the difference was good but it wasn't.

I was 14 when my little brother got diagnosed with neuroblastoma which is a rare child cancer.That took me right of track.I started cutting my wrists it felt like it was the only thing I could do.I stopped eating.I didn't want to be here.

I forgot to mention at the start but I am also epileptic which means that eating is essential to me.I was at school and I was doing PE,no one knew what was going on because I kept everything inside and it hurt me.Well we were playing basketball and someone hit into me.I got knocked of my feet and when I went to get back up I couldn't.I collapsed.

I was took away in an ambulance from the school.I hadn't woke up.My parents came to the hospital as soon as they could,I still hadn't woke up I was in some form of coma.My brain was trying to fight but the epilepsy got the best of me.I took about 15 seizures in a week.

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